Over 500 users for our recruitment software: Yippee!

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November 26, 2019
November 9, 2021
Perry Oostdam
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We’ve seen over 500 signups coming in the last couple of months for our recruitment software. There’s only one word to describe what we think about that: awesome!

It’s a great feeling to help teams across the globe. And, we’re now hosting users in Australia, Denmark, Korea, Germany, the UK, and recently Silicon Valley! We’re excited to see that our recruitment software is being picked up around the globe, and we’ll be pushing more features based on the feedback we’re getting.

Team Update

We decided to expand our development & design team in Poznan, and we hired Marcin Moszyk to help us design some great new features. Marcin will join Paul and Glemm in improving the Recruitee user experience. Marcin has a lot of experience in web design, coding HTMLS, CSS, and more.

We pushed several new features in the last three months, some of which will be highlighted in a separate post. But, here is a brief summary of the most important updates:

  • US / UK paid job boards: Users in the UK and US can now make use of our bulk discount on premium job ads. Popular boards include Monster, Dice, and Stack Overflow.
  • Pipeline redesign: We’ve updated our design a bit, making sure that the candidate pipeline view remains clean despite having more functionalities.
  • Chrome sourcing extension: After installing the browser extension, users can import passive candidates to a ‘watchlist’ in Recruitee with just a few clicks.
  • Activity popup from the side: Press the activity button to instantly see all your team’s activities. Quick and simple, right?

What’s ahead?

We’re currently working on customizable career sites. These will allow users to set up their own well-designed career sites in minutes. Also, we’ll be pushing email integrations next months.

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