10 best career pages to inspire and supercharge your hiring in 2021

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July 29, 2021
October 25, 2021
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At Recruitee, we absolutely love admiring well-crafted career pages. Seeing how companies are putting their best foot forward to attract the best possible candidates is inspiring and (at times) fun to witness. A career page can be the window to the soul of the company; when done well, they reflect what the company is actually like from the inside.

With three out of four job seekers reviewing company social media pages and Glassdoor reviews before applying, it’s crucial for you to get your career page right. To give you some inspiration, we have listed the best career pages, in random order, for 2021!

10 best career pages of 2021

1. Hotjar

The first company on our list of best career pages is Hotjar. Hotjar is a leading European tech startup in conversion rate optimization. They aim to help companies gather more insights into their website visitors behavior. Even though the company is based in Malta, the Hotjar team is fully remote. This makes hiring and communicating the employer brand a big challenge.

Hotjar absolutely nailed their career page, though. The page shows a collection of pictures of team holidays and international meet-ups. It even includes a short movie giving a taste of what their teams can expect from such get-togethers, showcasing their company culture “vibe”.

But showing the happy faces of your employees is not the only thing that’s important. Many companies often forget to explain what they’re all about and what they’re trying to achieve. Hotjar does this perfectly by including an animated explainer video that showcases what their product does.

Including the Glassdoor score is also a smart move as it gives visitors social proof that they are a trusted company to work for. Also, the visualization of the application process gives potential candidates a better idea of what to expect if (and when) they apply.

2. Nuuvem

Nuuvem is the largest online gaming store in Latin America for PC, Mac, and Linux games, with a catalog of several thousand games from the biggest publishers, like Rockstar Games and Ubisoft. They are the go-to place in Latin America for gamers!

Nuuvem’s careers page truly reflects their love for gaming. The dark background gives the careers site a techy look and feel. The careers site also includes some popular gaming characters, making it feel like a familiar place. Nuuvem has done a solid job of building a landing page that fits the personal preferences of their target audience. The colors, the gaming characters, and the playful icons with their minimalist styling are a great way to attract the right people: gamers—and the target-specific design definitely makes this site one of the best career pages of 2021.

3. Teamleader

Teamleader is a fast-growing startup that offers a CRM and project management tool that helps teams in SMEs cooperate better. They currently have offices all over Europe and are constantly expanding. Teamleader’s mission is to provide affordable and intuitive software to small business owners and to help them grow.

Teamleader has a clean and smooth careers page that checks all the right boxes. They nail their employer branding with multiple videos and a list of perks of working at Teamleader. The colors and illustrations give the careers site a warm and distinct look, making the company more likeable. Just like Hotjar, Teamleader also maps out the entire application process in a visual way. While it might be a small detail, it actually has a big impact on the overall candidate experience.

4. Hotelchamp

Hotelchamp is a young startup that recently experienced astonishing growth in just a short time. Looking to disrupt the hospitality industry by providing hotels with the technology to increase direct bookings, they have built a clientele of over 1,500 hotels in over 50 countries.

This growth wouldn’t have been possible without hiring the right people. To do this, Hotelchamp has built a beautiful careers page that tells visitors what they do and what it’s like to work for them. Their employer brand video includes employees explaining what makes working at Hotelchamp exceptional. Also, the number of office photos help candidates to imagine themselves working there and how they’d fit into their company culture—a good sign if you’re looking to increase conversions!

6. TrustedShops

The page opens with a video that showcases everything you can expect when working for the company. It delivers the company culture, lifestyle, and the types of opportunities their roles may bring. It backs this initial presentation up with all the facts and figures you’d need—some more entertaining than others—all the time appealing to their demographic team members.

Closer to the foot of the page, they list the benefits if you haven’t been able to spot them for yourself and a simple line telling you how to apply.

It’s a careers page with masses of appeal to hopeful employees. There are 100 reasons to want to work there—and they’ve squeezed them all into one neat page.Nailed it!

7. The Student Hotel

Fun, quirky, energetic, and vibrant—that’s not only the careers page but what The Student Hotel is offering their teams as part of their working lifestyle.

They’ve done a thorough job of using their brand elements to create a distinctly youthful and high-spirited feel to their careers page. The bold use of colors and imagery helps to create contrast (that really pops!) between sections of the website, encouraging visitors to keep scrolling. The Student Hotel does a good job of using social proof from their employees. This makes it more likely for prospective candidates to convert and apply for a job.

7. Cordaan

Cordaan is a leading healthcare company in the Netherlands, providing home care and mental care to people all over the country. They’ve done an excellent job of building the careers page in the same style as the main site, making their whole online experience seamless. As a result, the career site feels consistent and familiar.

It’s a professional but human website portraying the level and type of industry it operates within. The rolling header reflects the kind of people that make the Cordaan brand.

Another thing companies often fail to take advantage of is the availability and actions of their recruiters and providing an easy point of contact to make that vital first connection. Cordaan takes full advantage of this, making each department’s recruiter instantly accessible from the careers page—a gift for potential talent with questions about a role or the company. Well played Cordaan—what an excellent touch.

8. Slack

Another serious contender from our favourite career pages examples: Slack’s career page makes it practically impossible for candidates not to want to work with them. Okay, for starters, their simple basic color scheme and brand style keeps everything nice and simple, clean and tidy, and uber friendly-professional, but once you start reading what’s on the table, it just keeps piling on the perks.

The amount of support and the company benefits outlined on the page are fantastic. From their values, their respect of work/life balance, superb support, commitment to your professional development, health and wellbeing, childcare, and flexibility is only the start. They shout about diversity, education, opportunity, and growth, resources, partnerships, programmes—it’s almost endless the number of plus points available for those who choose to work for them.

This is a career page that projects every angle of an evolved and modern operation, one that truly supports its staff, and with that level of support and appreciation, who wouldn’t be tempted?

9. Virtue

Their written copy is as head-turning as their video creation and production, and with such stunning marketing pieces for their clients, it’s an easy pitch to use the same work as a beautiful example of what they do. This is a career page that lets its work speak for itself. And if you’re an award-winning creative agency, why wouldn’t you!

Dig a little further in, and you’ll find values and opinions on current issues that really matter to them and how they use their voice—and that of their clients—to start conversations to implement change and how smart they are about how they do it. Oh, and they also sell, sell, sell for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Any hopeful candidate would be drawn to work for such giants in the marketplace; with a bit of handy name-dropping on their CVs, any employee would automatically earn the right to turn heads at any interview.

This is one of the best company career pages we’ve seen that breaks away from typical, more conventional career pages—simply because they have all the right tools to do it. Check it out—and see if you don’t feel like applying for a role there, yourself.

10. Refinery29

A fabulous looking careers page that’s right on brand. With incredibly positive and bright colour schemes, images and video, this media organization uses its strongest skills to showcase their operation.

Striking storytelling, excellent innovation, and a truly representational message, they should have candidates queuing up for miles (albeit virtually!). The organization itself is a stunning example of modern media, empowering women with the voice they want and deserve. It’s a global force for women everywhere—and who wouldn’t want to be part of such a powerful message? This site delivers all the elements you could hope to see and some of the finest work in career pages inspiration on the web.

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