30 best job boards of all time (with pricing details)

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December 14, 2021
October 11, 2022
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Best job boards of all time
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No recruiter can find top talent without turning to job boards, but which are going to be the best job boards of all time?

With so many paid and free and premium job boards available, it can become tricky to figure out which one’s the best for your candidate search.

More importantly, though, how do you know which paid job board will give you the ROI that you want?

There are non-specialist and specialist job boards, so it’s crucial that you know what you want when deciding where to post your vacancies.

Depending on your industry and staffing requirements, you could find that you need a couple of premium job boards with diverse candidates to build your talent pool.

Before we get into the best job boards of all time, let’s consider what goes into making the best choices that will work for you.

What is the best job board to use?

Guidelines for selecting the best job board for your vacancy:

• Understand the requirements of the job

This will help you select the right job board to attract the candidates you want.

• Check the analytics of the job board

Focus on the number of job seekers, skills ratio, and demographics (this information should be freely available).

• Competitor presence

If your competitors are using a job board regularly and have plenty of live posts, then it will probably be a good channel for you too.

• Pricing

Compare job board pricing and evaluate what you’re going to get for what you’re expected to pay.

• Usability

Consider how much time you and your candidates have. Some free job boards are loaded with banners and pop-ups that can be distracting and even time wasting if you accidentally click on an ad. This will be troublesome for you and may discourage applicants from searching on this channel.

• Employer branding opportunities

Check out other companies advertising to see how their employer brand is projected. Your posts are the first contact you’ll have with candidates so your employer brand must look impressive and your job advertisement convincing.

The 30 best global job boards

1. Indeed

indeed homepage

Indeed is a search engine that aggregates job posts from thousands of listings on job boards, agency sites, and company career sites. It’s also probably the best-known job board around at present. Because Indeed offers job seekers so many opportunities, it attracts millions of monthly visitors.

Recruiters can post jobs directly to Indeed for free or as sponsored postings. Sponsored postings get more exposure! Posting jobs are straightforward, and a dashboard provides data analytics for each job post.

Indeed is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Free or sponsored for $0.10 per click up to $5 per post.

2. Monster

monster homepage

Monster is a job aggregator that has thousands of job listings, attracting millions of monthly visitors. Recruiters can post jobs directly to Monster for a fee. For two postings or more job postings, Monster offers different payment packages based on the number of jobs, add on features and for how long the post will be live.

Recruiters can post jobs to Monster after selecting and paying for their chosen package. Monsters offers candidate management tools, as well as analytics on each job post.

Like Indeed, Monster is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: $279 for a single job for 30 days and 50 resume views. Rapidly growing teams are encouraged by Monster to get the Premium for $649 for 5 jobs for 30 days.

3. LinkedIn Recruiter

linkedin recruiter homepage

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most popular professional networking site globally. It’s also a very popular site for recruiters to source top talent. Recruiters can choose from two packages, LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

Posting jobs aren’t included in either package.

To post a job, you need to set a daily pay per click boards (PPC) budget, set your maximum budget, and make payment. That done, your job post will go live and be displayed on user profiles. Analytics are available on each job post, ensuring you can report back on ROI.

LinkedIn also offers a pipeline builder and career page option, but at an additional cost.

Although LinkedIn Recruiter is non-specialized, it attracts more senior, up and coming, executive, and professional candidates from all industry sectors and job types. The platform allows you to easily target your intended audience.

  • Cost: LinkedIn Recruiter starts at $8,999 and Recruiter Lite at $2,399 per annum. The cost of a job post per day is 1.3 times your pay per click boards (so if your budget is $50 per day, you’ll be charged $65).

4. Facebook

facebook homepage

Facebook is becoming more popular with recruiters. It’s excellent for sourcing passive candidates because it’s predominantly a social networking site, rather than a professional platform. To post a job on Facebook, you have to have a company page first which is free to set up.

All you do is post your vacancy to your Facebook page; it’s that simple. To get better visibility, it’s best to boost your job post. You set your budget, target your candidate audience, and select the intended location. Once you’ve paid and your job post has been approved, it will be displayed on user profiles.

You can also use your Facebook page to upload videos of your company to attract candidates or highlight events. Facebook provides analytics on boosted posts so you can quickly evaluate your ROI.

Facebook is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: You can boost your job post for any amount that suits your budget. Prices start at $5 and increase to what you can afford. The more you pay, the higher the distribution of your job post.

5. Dice

dice homepage

Dice is a niche job board that claims to have over 3 million registered candidates and 2.4 million unique visitors per month. There are no free job postings, but you can choose between a single post or multiple posts when selecting payment options.

There is a candidate search option available, and analytics on each job post.

Dice specializes in tech, IT, and engineering professionals.

  • Cost: A single post costs $495, and costs reduce on a sliding scale depending on the number of posts to $399 per post for 3.

6. Upwork

upwork homepage

Upwork is a global platform that connects businesses with prescreened freelance workers across a broad spectrum of skills. Hiring through Upwork is straightforward because all the admin involved in the hiring process is taken care of for you by Upwork. You pay Upwork, and once the freelancer submits their work, they’re paid by Upwork after your approval.

Upwork provides all necessary documents like invoices and income certificates for tax and accounting purposes. They also offer various management tools like time tracking and assistance with finding the best freelancer for your project.

Upwork is non-specialized and attracts freelancers from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Upwork offers three payment options. Standard, where you pay the rate, agreed with the freelancer plus a 2.75% processing fee on that amount. Upwork Pro costs you $49.99/month, plus 3% payment processing and administration fee. Upwork Enterprise is a customized option tailored to meet your requirements and pricing varies.

7. CareerBuilder

careerbuilder homepage

CareerBuilder is an international job site that publishes to its own job boards, media partners, and industry sites. It offers several services like posting vacancies, search access to its candidate database and analytics on each job posted, but it’s not a free service for employers.

In 2022 CareerBuilder claimed to have over 80M unique candidates and close to 8 million jobs posted globally over the previous year.

CareerBuilder is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: A single job post costs $425. If you intend on posting a number of jobs, there are subscription options that range from $349 to $749 per month with a reduction on the cost of each job post based on a sliding scale and volume.

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor for employers

Glassdoor is an online employer review site, as well as a job board. It allows visitors to leave written reviews and ratings on employers, and that currently makes Glassdoor one of a kind. Jobseekers have access to this information as well as salary data, so they can assess a company before they apply for a vacancy.

Glassdoor attracts close to 50 million unique visitors monthly. Job posts are distributed to over 100 job boards. Glassdoor offers employers a seven-day free job post-trial. Glassdoor is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

Glassdoor is also working in collaboration with Indeed. "Employers will now be able to reach job seekers on both Glassdoor and Indeed through Indeed job advertising products."

  • Cost: Glassdoor offers a Free plan and Enhanced plan (you can request more info on the pricing by contacting the Glassdoor Sales team).

9. Craigslist

craigslist homepage

Craigslist includes a very active board, and in 2017 it had about 60 million users and over 1 million job postings. Craigslist operates 700 sites across 70 countries and supports 13 different languages.

Although Craigslist did offer free job postings, that changed in late 2016 and job posts are now paid.

Although not specialized, Craigslist attracts predominantly blue collar and general administration candidates.

  • Cost: Job posting prices range from $10 to $75 per post based on your regional location.

10.  Ladders

ladders homepage

Ladders is a job board that offers employers the opportunity to connect with highly skilledand qualified professionals in the salary range of $100,000+.

Ladders have an average of 4 million unique visitors per month and 240,000 job posts. Ladders users are up-and-coming business leaders, aspirational, and affluent candidates with high earning potential. Ladders offer employers various resources with each job posting including analytics.

Ladders is specialized to attract business leaders, aspiring business leaders and skilled candidates with high earning potential.

  • Cost: pricing starts at $199 per month for 50 job posts. Full access allows 500 job posts for $597 per month.

11. Dribbble

dribble homepage

Dribbble is an international job board that has in excess of 460,000 users across 38 countries.

Dribbble allows employers multiple posts per month as well as search options to source top talent. Employers also have access to a dashboard and analytics.

Dribbble is specialized to attract creative and design candidates.

  • Cost: Dribbble offers various pricing structures ranging from basic search to advanced search and job listings. Packages start at $299 a month for a job listing to $499

12. Behance

behance homepage

Behance is a global online portfolio, and job board site offering employers access to a talent pool of over 12 million job seekers.

Employers have access to candidate profiles and their portfolio. Your dashboard keeps you up to date on job posts and analytics.

Behance is specialized to attract creative professionals.

  • Cost: Behance is currently allowing free unlimited posting for a limited time. Usually, unlimited job posting is $1499 per month.

13. Jobrapido

jobrapido homepage

Jobrapido has an average of 55 million unique visitors and 20 million jobs listed per month. There are 70 million registered users on Jobrapido across 58 countries. It is one of the largest global aggregators connecting employers and job seekers.

Although Jobrapido offers free job postings, options are very limited. Paying clients have access to analytics for each job post and access to candidate profiles.

Jobsrapido is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Employers need to request a quote.

14. Google for jobs

google jobs homepage

There’s no need to introduce Google, and a job posting facility is one of their latest features. As an aggregator with a massive reach, Google lists millions of jobs that can be found by millions of job seekers worldwide. When you use Recruitee, your vacancies will be automatically formatted for Google for Jobs.

Google for jobs is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: You can post jobs on Google for free.

15. CareerJet

careerjet homepage

Careerjet is an international job aggregator and job posting site with a presence in over 90 countries and supports 28 languages. Careerjet has well over 22 million jobs listed worldwide and integrates to over 36,000 websites.

Careerjet does provide analytics on jobs posted, and all posts are paid. There’s no free job posting option.

CareerJet is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: An indexed post costs $0.10 per click, and a 45-day post costs $100.00 per post.

16. ZipRecruiter

ziprecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter is only available to employers and job seekers in the USA and UK. It’s a job board that allows employers to post to multiple partner job boards, including ZipRecruiter. It integrates easily with most ATS as well.

In 2017, ZipRecruiter had over 1 million employers sign up and 120 million job seekers profiles. They offer a free trial on all their job posting plans, as well as analytics on each job post.

ZipRecruiter is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: There are a number of plans to choose from starting at $299 per month. You can also post a single job for $99.

17. Eurojobs

eurojobs homepage

Although Eurojobs was initially intended to service the European job market only,  it has now expanded to include other countries across the globe. Eurojobs accepts XML, and RSS feeds containing multiple vacancies. Once your account is created, you email your data source URL to Eurojobs, and they will connect your feed to your account free of charge.

Analytics and management job tools are available for each job post and posts are free.

Eurojobs is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Free, but you do have the option of listing a job post as a Priority Job at a fee of €19.99 for 45 days.

18. LinkUp

linkup homepage

LinkUp is available to job seekers and employers in the USA, Canada, and the UK only. They index jobs directly from employer websites and are committed to listing high quality, accurate and genuine job posts.

LinkedUp aims to connect job seekers and employers as efficiently as possible so there are no lengthy sign-up processes and job seekers are connected directly to the employer’s career site. They have approximately 106 million unique visitors a month, over 300 partner sites and 50,000 companies indexed daily. Linkup also offers a number of data solutions to employers.

LinkUp is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Job posts are charged at a pay-per-click rate. You set the budget and make payment. The more you pay, the higher the distribution of your job post.

19. Jobserve

jobserve homepage

Jobserve offers a range of services to job seekers and employers through their network of partner sites that include job boards, affiliates, and aggregators. Jobserve currently sends out over 1.2 million subscription emails daily.

Employers can post their vacancies directly to Jobserve and are offered a range of job management tools that include analytics and candidate recommendations. All job posts are networked through Jobserve’s partner sites to guarantee broad exposure.

Jobserve is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Various payment options start from a single job posting at £130 for seven days or £330 for thirty days. You can also purchase Lifetime credits that allow for no expiry date on job posts. Other options are priced separately and include featured post options, national post promotions, international post promotions and email job promotions to exclusively selected candidates.

20. Recruit.net

recruit.net homepage

Recruit.net is an international job aggregator that helps job seekers and employers connect. They source job posts from company career sites, job boards and recruitment agency websites. They process over a million job searches daily and operate 18 localized sites across 15 countries and support six languages. Recruit.net currently has in excess of 1 million active job seeker profiles.

Job seekers are immediately connected with employers by linking their application to the employer site. Jobs are posted on a pay-per-click basis and employers have access to candidate profile searches and real-time analytics.

Recruit.net is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Job posts are charged at a pay-per-click rate. You set the budget and make payment. The more you pay, the higher the distribution of your job post.

21. Totaljobs

totaljobs homepage

Totaljobs is a job aggregator with a global reach in over 130 countries and 57 partner sites. They offer employers a single point of contact in your own time zone and currency.

Employers can post jobs directly and posts stay live for six weeks. Apart from distribution, job posts are also sent directly to qualifying candidates.

Totaljobs offers management tools for each job post including analytics.Totaljobs is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: £149 per job post is the UK, but check your local site for relevant pricing.

22. iHipo

ihipo homepage

If you’re looking to hire students and graduates, iHipo is the place to go. iHipo is a global search engine that lists internship and job opportunities for students and graduates.

iHipo gives employers across the world access to highly qualified recent graduates and students worldwide. Active in 98 countries, iHipo has close to 230,000 active candidate profiles. Companies can post internships, job vacancies and promote graduate programs.

iHipo is non-specialized to any industry or sector but is intended for hiring students and recent graduates only.

  • Cost: Available on request from iHipo.

23. Jooble

Jooble about page

Jooble is an international job aggregator that operates in 65 countries worldwide. They have an audience reach of 50 million candidates and list thousands of active job posts daily from job boards, recruitment agency sites and company career sites.

Employers can post vacancies directly to Jooble on a pay-per-click basis. Jooble provides job post management tools and analytics.

Jooble is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Job posts are charged at a pay-per-click rate. You set the budget and make payment. The more you pay, the higher the distribution of your job post.

24. Gigajob

gigajob homepage

Gigajob is an international job aggregator that operates in over 100 countries worldwide supporting many different languages.

Gigajob is an uncomplicated site with little flair; its prime focus is to connect job seekers and employers. It doesn’t offer many features other than speedily getting candidates and recruiters in touch with each other.

Gigajob is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: Free job postings.

25.  XPATJobs

xpatjobs homepage

XPATJobs is a global aggregator that lists millions of international opportunities in multiple languages.

Employers can advertise vacancies and search for candidates in either English or multilingual by selecting the language you want. The keyword search option is also multilingual so you can search in the language of your choice.

Job posts remain live for two months, and you can opt for an automatic candidate match option that will alert you to profiles that match your job requirements. Analytics and job management tools are available for each job post.

XPATJobs is non-specialized and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types.

  • Cost: €199.00 for a single job post. There are also four monthly options available ranging from €245.00 to €695.00 per month.

26. Vivian Health

Vivian Health

For those recruiters operating in the field of Healthcare, you can list jobs on Vivian. Most jobs are currently listed in the US.

  • Cost: pricing available on request from Vivian Health

27. Search Remotely

Search Remotely

Search Remotely lets you view and filter through thousands of job listings that are 100% remote. It also allows you to discover and book co-living spaces to work alongside like-minded people. You can search for jobs including entry-level to executive, customer service to marketing, sales, and programming., and take specific training courses.

  • Cost: from $19 dollars per 30 days

28. Snagajob 

Snagajob is one of the most biggest platforms for hourly work in the United States, with 6 million active job seekers. Employers get matched with the candidates that have the skills required. The platform will pre-screen candidates instantly, and employers can invite them to an interview: no waiting, emailing, or calling. 

This job board is particularly helpful for people hiring hourly workers in Restaurant & QSR, Logistics, Groceries and eCommerce. 

  • Cost: from $89 per job post, per month.

29. Adzuna

With over 10M U.S. job seekers, Adzuna can help you reach the right audience. Launched in 2011 in the UK, it is now available in 16 countries. This is the right job board for you if you want to attract an international workforce.

This job boards has multiple tools, including candidate matching, ATS integrations, employer branding solutions, and a free mobile app to help you find the perfect candidate for your job.

  • Cost: From $99 for 30 days with unlimited changes

30. Nexxt

Nexxt has over 85 million users across the United States. This job board allows your job ad to be shared widely, as Nexxt advertises jobs on dedicated career sites, as well as general sites across the web (including Glassdoor, Google and Adzuna). The job posts are also shared on social media and sent to candidates via email alerts.

With the possibility of choosing from multiple plans, Nexxt can be personalized depending on the hiring needs and company size so you can truly make the most of it. Employers also have access to recruitment analytics to analyze their job post performance and change it accordingly. 

  • Cost: Recruiter plan with 5 job slots, $299 per month.

Don’t hesitate to try something new

As a recruiter, it’s easy to get into the habit of turning to the same job boards all the time to find new talent. Although the same old boards might deliver candidates for you, you might not realize that you could do better.

Don’t be afraid to shop around, even if it’s just a once off job post on a new job board to see what response you get.

Also, consider cost. You generally get what you pay for – but not always! Some premium job boards offer brilliant features, but at a price and your company might not need them.

Alternatively, by opting for a pricier job board and utilizing the features, you could save yourself a lot of time that converts to cost savings.It’s all about what works best for your recruitment process.

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