The 48 best job boards for software engineers

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October 31, 2022
June 26, 2023
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best job boards for software engineers
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Does your company need to hire a software engineer? Chances are, the answer is yes. IT professionals (most notably software engineers) are consistently some of the most sought-after hires. But what are the right places to look for software engineers? In this article, we will discuss the best job boards to use when looking for software engineers.

Businesses large and small are in the market for the next best tech pro, and this influx of open positions means that IT recruitment trends are changing. With this over-saturation of tech job postings, it’s beneficial to learn the ins and outs of the best job boards for tech recruitment. The idea is to be visible on the high-traffic, specific job boards so that your listing appears credible and gains the most exposure. It’s the least a company or recruitment agency can do in order to reach the right potential hires right now.

We at Recruitee have also been hiring software developers and tweaking the hiring process to reach top tier tech talent. At this point, we have seen much and we would like to suggest this list of the best job boards for software engineers to you. The following sites are in no particular order, and the pricing listed is subject to change with time.

The Best Job Boards for Technical Recruiting

1 — Dice

  • Single job post: $395 for 30-day ad
  • 2 job posts pack: $325
  • 3 job posts pack: $305
  • 5–10 jobs pack: $250 each

Dice is a tech job board that boasts a tremendous amount of traffic (about two million candidates!). You pay per job post and save money with each additional job listing.

If you want to bring in skilled tech candidates, this is definitely one of the best job boards. Think of this site as your lucky dice, and be willing to bet it all.

2 — Crunchboard

  • Post a job: $249 for 30-day ad
  • Job packs: Single job/$200, 5 jobs/$895, 10 jobs/$1495

The official job board of TechCrunch, Crunchboard is a sleek interface used to find qualified IT candidates. Pricing is transparent, including the number of job postings, as well as the length of time the postings will be active.

Purchase a pack to save! It’s just like buying beer. Well, not really, but you get the point.

3 — Mashable

  • 20 million+ visitors each month
  • Standard Job post: $259 for a 30-day ad
  • Featured Job post: $299 for a 30-day ad
  • Premium Job post: $399 for a 30-day ad
  • 3-pack Featured Job: $807
  • 3-pack Premium Job: $1,067

Everyone has heard of Mashable, and if you haven’t, you’ve heard it now. The pricing ranges from $259 to $399, dependent upon the amount of desired exposure.

Mashable is a hub for tech news, so it is a no-brainer in order to reach inquisitive, tech-savvy minds.

4 — Icrunchdata

  • Standard Job post: $299 for a 30-day ad
  • Premium Job post: $399 for a 60-day ad
  • Extended Job post: $499 for a 90-day ad
  • Monthly membership: $199 for 1 active job slot
  • Monthly membership: $399 for 3 active job slots
  • Monthly membership: $599 for 5 active job slots

Aside from its smile-inducing name, icrunchdata is a tech news site that updates weekly to over a million readers.

What’s better? You can post a job listing on it as well, with lots of options for length and amount of exposure.

5 — ITJobPro

  • 60,000 available IT jobs

Want an IT job pro? Post your listing on ITJobPro. Reaching over two million IT candidates, this site claims to have the best IT jobs available to its viewers.

Jobs are posted by top companies, such as IBM and Best Buy.

6 — Authentic Jobs

  • Standard Job post: $149 for a 30-day ad
  • Featured Job post: $199 for a 30-day ad

Used by Apple and The New York Times, Authentic Jobs has the best looking site, hands down. “The leading job board for designers, hackers, and creative pros” – it’s a top-notch place to post your job vacancy.

Another benefit of Authentic Jobs is the pricing dependent upon the type of job listing. This way, you aren’t paying more than you should for posting an internship or short-term position.

7 — WeWorkRemotely

  • Standard Job post: $299 for a 30-day ad
  • Upgrade packs: Good/$59, Better/$99, Best/$149
  • Additional applicant filtering: $199

If you are hiring a tech professional remotely, WeWorkRemotely is an obvious choice. It has a few categories, but the main ones include developers and programmers.

Each period of 30 days that your job listing is on the site will cost you $299.

8 — Indeed Prime

  • Free posting comes with minimum exposure
  • Sponsoring jobs uses a flexible pay-for-performance budgeting (pay-per-click)

Indeed Prime is the new addition to that caters to tech job postings. You get access to a weekly tech talent list when you apply as an employer.

As far as pricing goes, you decide your budget and pay for each click your ad receives, much in the same way as how pay-per-click advertising works.

9 — F6S

  • Free listings

F6S is where talent goes to find startups to join, and startups go to post job listings for free! Your open positions get matched to the best talent for your needs.

The unique thing about F6S is the sense of community. A representative from your hiring team will be able to make a profile, and candidates can see a face to match to the company job posting! This is much different than your run-of-the-mill job board with just listings of company names. It’s almost like a social media platform for job listings and job seekers. Personal connections with candidates make for a better experience, all around.

10 — Smashing Jobs

  • Full-time job post: $225 for a 60-day ad
  • Freelance job post: $75 for a 60-day ad

Smashing Jobs is correlated with Smashing Magazine, tallying in around 4 million monthly viewers. That is a large chunk of creative and tech professionals that will be seeing your job listings!

Uniquely, this site prices its job listings in two categories: full-time ($225) and freelance ($75). It shows that they recognize the flexible nature of the field.

11 - DevITjobs

  • 2500+ job postings
  • 120'000+ monthly visitors
  • Focus on transparency (required salary & tech stack info)
  • Free job postings on the UK & US platform

DevITjobs is a job board platform created by developers, for developers. The main focus is on inclusivity and transparency on the job market and the platform presents all jobs with (sensible) salary ranges.

DevITjobs is available in the US & UK but also in Germany, Switzerland and Romania.

Niche Job Boards

12 — AndroidDev

AndroidDev Digest is a weekly newsletter for all things in Android Development news. The job listings for Android Developers, specifically, are published in the newsletter, as well as the jobs section of the site.

If you’re hiring for an Android Developer, AndroidDev is a great place to start, reaching around 16,500 targeted readers.

13 — Angular Jobs

Angular Jobs is not only free to post, but it caters to IT professionals. It’s the #1 AngularJS job network.

If you want your posts to be featured for 30 days, you just have to shell up $297.

14 — Python Job Board

  • Free listings. Donations accepted.
  • Job site run by volunteers

If you’re looking for a Python engineer, there is no better place to look than the job board that is on the software’s official website. It’s free to post, but they want it to be a reputable place to find software jobs, so the posts are submission-based.

Keep in mind that it may take a bit longer to post, but it’s most likely worth it to reach the right demographic.

15 — Python Jobs HQ

  • Single job post: $199 for 45-day ad
  • Single job featured post: $248 for 45-day ad
  • 5 job posts pack: $696 for 45-day ads
  • 3 featured job posts: $595 for 45-day ads
  • 5 featured job posts: $871 for 45-day ads

Python Jobs HQ is a niche job board that caters to Python developers. The difference here is that the site is integrated with Pycoder’s Weekly, an online magazine targeted toward Python coders, so your job listing’s reach is expanding greatly!

Additionally, your job listing gets pushed to a Twitter account with relevant, job-seeking followers, as well as an email newsletter, just for posting it on the site!

16 — DataJobs

  • Single job post: $150 for 30-day ad
  • Unlimited recruiting: $250/month for unlimited job ads

If you’re hiring for big data and analytics positions, DataJobs is the site for you.

Ranking among their featured enterprise employers are big names like The Walt Disney Company and Princeton University! Additionally, it has flexible pricing and a discount for startups.

17 — RubyNow

  • Standard job post: $79 for 45-day ad
  • Premium job post: $139 for 45-day ad
  • Expert job post: $199 for 45-day ad

Supposedly the original Ruby on Rails job board, Ruby Now has (you guessed it) Ruby on Rails developer positions. Running for around 10 years, it has a large, niche talent pool for you to target.

Pricing runs at $79 for a Standard Job Post, which includes email and Twitter broadcasting, instantaneous posting, and a 45-day posting period. Premium Job Posts differ only in the way that they appear when on the job board. They have a colorful icon in the top left corner and run for $139 per 45 days. Expert Job Posts have the icon, but they ramp it up a notch with highlighting of the body text.

Additionally, RubyNow offers discount codes right on the site for a limited amount of time, so watch out for the opportune time!

18 — Ruby on Rails Jobs

Ruby on Rails Jobs is a niche job board and proudly so. It focuses on Rails developers only, making it easier for qualified candidates to get matched up with a job opening that is the right fit.

Companies like Sony and eHarmony post on this site, and your job listing will get tweeted out to over 3,000 followers, as well as emailed in a weekly newsletter.

19 — Emberwork

  • Free listings for businesses
  • No 3rd party recruiters allowed

Ember is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to create scalable, single-page web apps quickly and easily.

With its gaining popularity, more and more positions require Ember skills.

20 — WP Hired

  • Free 30-day job posting
  • Featured job posting: $49.99 for 3 x 60-day ads
  • Featured job posting: $79.99 for 5 x 60-day ads

If you are specifically looking for a WordPress developer, WP Hired is the place to go to post your openings.

You can hire globally, and with the narrow focus of this site, you are bound to get the talent you need.

Main Job Boards

21 — Indeed

  • Free posting comes with minimum exposure
  • Sponsoring jobs uses a flexible pay-for-performance budgeting (pay-per-click)

Indeed is a household name in the job hunting world and might even top the list of best job boards in the world. Job postings can either be free, appearing in general searches on the site, or sponsored, appearing in a featured spot according to a set budget (starting at five dollars a day).

While Indeed isn’t tech-specific, a lot of job seekers frequent the site, so it’s worth a free post at the very least.

22 — Glassdoor

  • Free accounts for basic interactions
  • Single job post: £149 for 30-day ad

Glassdoor is known mainly for its company reviews by current and previous employees, as well as jaded rejected candidates. If your company is in good standing on the site, you may want to check out how to post a job opening on Glassdoor.

It boasts about 30% in savings per hire compared to the traditional job board and about 30 million unique users each month. While Glassdoor is primarily a review website, those reviews made by current and previous employees, it also allows businesses to post jobs on their profile page, and their competitor’s. It now works closely with Indeed as its major job board partner.

23 — JustTechJobs

  • Single job post: $99 for 30-day ad
  • Single job post: $199 for 90-day ad
  • Single job post, national listing: $199 for 30-day ad
  • Single job post, national listing: $399 for 90-day ad

JustTechJobs’ simple interface is a plus when it comes to the ease of posting and viewing.

JustTechJobs also has some of the leading employers, such as Johnson & Johnson on the site.

24 — TopTechJobs

  • Single job post: £145 for 7-day ad
  • Single job post: £365 for 30-day ad

TopTechJobs not only has a plethora of job posting options, but it also offers resume searches for a set monthly price dependent on the number of views you expect to use.

They tout themselves as a job posting distribution network with a vast resume database. It looks like it’s best to take advantage of their package combination deals!

25 — Trovit

Trovit is a job search engine that compiles thousands of websites in just one search. With its recent update, you can no longer post your job ad there for free.

26 — Jooble

Jooble is similar to Trovit in that it is a job search engine that draws from around the internet.

In order to be available on Jooble, you must become a partner. Or, you can post directly from Recruitee. We will come back to this by the end of this article.

27 – Adzuna

Adzuna is a job search engine, as well, but now offers job postings. One free premium listing is offered, but only for a limited time, so act fast!

The interface is sleek and modern-looking, and the site is popular internationally.

28 — Eurojobs

Eurojobs is the largest European job site and allows candidates to filter by country, city, or job category.

Posting a job advertisement on Eurojobs is free.

29 — Careerjet

Careerjet is another search engine for jobs, pulling from almost 30,000 websites worldwide.

Similar to the other search engine models, you can either advertise on the site or become a partner to show up in searches.

30 — JobInventory

JobInventory is a job search engine and allows employers to post jobs for free.

However, if you want to rank higher in searches, you can take part in what it calls “Contributor Badges and Links,” which simply means that you advertise JobInventory on your own site. This will immediately allow your job listing to come up more easily in relevant searches.

31 — Monster

  • Starter account: single job post: $279/month subscription
  • Standard account: 3 job posts: $399/month subscription
  • Premium account: 5 job posts: $649/month subscription

Monster is a highly popular job search site. If you post a job, you may receive up to 20 resumes of qualified applicants immediately.

32 — CareerBuilder

  • Lite package: Single job $219/month subscription
  • Standard package: 3 job posts, $299/month subscription
  • Pro package: 5 job posts, $599/month subscription

CareerBuilder boasts 80 million+ unique job seekers each year, offers automated marketing tools, and AI streamlined recruiting to help you post jobs and hire more effectively than ever.

33 — LinkedIn

  • Free basic posting
  • Self budgeted, pay-per-click type promotion

Aside from being the Facebook for professionals, LinkedIn also offers a place to post job openings. It goes through LinkedIn Recruiter and has easy, step-by-step instructions.

34 — StartupJobs

This site has your basics, and it’s free to post! It’s mainly focused on U.S. and Canada-based startups and posting positions within that sector.

They have separate packages, as well, if you aren’t a startup and want to recruit.

35 — Jobsdb

  • Standard single job post: HK$998 for 30-day ad
  • Standard 2 x job posts: HK$1720 for 30-day ads
  • Branded single job post: HK$1198 for 30-day ad

If you are located in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, or Thailand, JobsDB is the place to be.

It is another search engine in which you must partner with in order to rank in the search results.

36 — Craigslist

Craigslist is free to post in most locations and is the new classifieds in the back of the newspaper.

If you’re looking locally, this is a great place to start. Just watch out for the classic Craigslist creeps.

37 — AngelList

AngelList has a cute peace sign logo and serves as a job board connecting professionals with startups in need of them.

Posting a job to the site is free.

38 — GeekWork

As a part of GeekWire, a breaking news site for tech and business topics, GeekWork is a job board that caters to the technical side of things, allowing your listings to be viewed by the perfect audience.

A standard listing is FREE, but you have options, as well!

39 — Remotive

  • Single job post; $299 for 30-day ad

As the name suggests, Remotive is a job board to post your remote job openings.

Tech jobs are among the most proliferative in this arena, so it’s a no-brainer to post here if you’re sourcing globally.

40 — Computer Jobs

  • Single job post: £145 for 7-day ad
  • Single job post: £365 for 30-day ad

Like its name, Computer Jobs is a simple and straightforward job board. IT jobs can be posted here for a week, which is handy for the fast-moving field. That may be all you need!

They have other packages available, as well, in their full product lineup. Computer Jobs will most likely have something that suits your needs and gets your listings in front of relevant job seekers.

Bonus: Free Job Boards

41 — PostJobFree

The site name says it all. The site is simple and has how-to videos for your convenience.

42 — JobSpider

Even if you’re afraid of spiders, don’t be afraid of JobSpider. Free job posting and free database searching is available.

43 — eBay Classifieds

eBay isn’t just a place to try and sell your Beanie Babies for $2000. The Classified section is similar to Craigslist in that it is delineated by location.

44 — JobisJob

Weird name, cool concept. With free job ads and a great interface that allows searches by location and category, it’d be a shame not to use JobisJob.

45 — Doostang

Doostang has a whole section for technology jobs and has a community of over one million professionals.

46 — FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a top site for freelance and short-term jobs. If your job listing is atypical, this is the place to post! There isn’t a large influx of jobs on this site regularly, so it is a chance to be the big fish in a small pond, as well.

47 — Slack at Work

Slack is a communication tool for smart companies, and if your company utilizes its sleek software, you can post a job on its job board. If your company is already on one of Slack’s paid plans, you can list a job for free!

48 — Scouted

Scouted is a top site for tech hiring, working with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Not only it is completely free, but this job board support skills-based hiring and employee retention.

Finding and Hiring the most Talented Software Engineer

The list above will definitely help in hiring a software engineer, however, posting your job on the best job boards alone will not be enough.

To attract the best talent you will need to work on your employer branding and have career pages that convert. Plus, a really good job description!

You will also need to encourage your current employees to refer candidates for any job openings you have. In tech, this has proven to be one of the most effective methods in finding the best talent.

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