How to create a careers site: A complete step-by-step guide

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November 30, 2023
November 30, 2023
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Suzana Pletikosa
a step-by-step guide on careers site
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Welcome! You’ve found Part 2 of our CareersHub series, where we expand on those handy tips we shared in Part 1 to help ATS users master their careers site. 

A careers site is too important to outsource to other departments, especially if you don’t need to do that. As explained in Part 1 of this guide, you can do it easily with the help of an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

Part 2 of the guide empowers users of such an ATS to build and master their careers site. No coding, design, or technical skills are required!

All you need is an ATS (obviously!) — specifically, one that features a careers site builder. There are a few on the market, but we know our software the best, so we’ll use Recruitee by Tellent’s CareersHub as an example throughout this article.

Getting started: Think like a candidate 

Before even logging into your ATS, you need a plan. It’s no good just throwing random sections and content on your careers site; you need to consider what works for your company — and, more importantly, why. You also need to consider the types of candidates you’re trying to attract.

The golden rule is empathy. Think back to when you were looking for the perfect role. Consider what you wanted to know. Did you care about company culture? How about the working conditions and team? Did you want to know if there were opportunities for career growth?

I imagine you answered “yes” to all! And if you want to see it, it’s a guarantee that your potential candidates also want to. But there are several other things you should also add:

  • General company information; 
  • Multimedia content;
  • Employer testimonials;
  • Information about your open vacancies.

The rest of the guide will walk you through incorporating all these elements so you can build your company’s careers site like a pro!

General information: Your organization, your story

Why should a potential candidate be interested in your company? That’s the number one question you need to answer. Yes, a potential candidate will be interested in the perks and conditions of the role — pay, holidays, working locations, etc. But they’d also be interested — if not more so! — in what your company stands for. Wouldn’t you?

It’s strongly advised to clearly indicate your company’s vision and mission on your careers page. It’s just as advisable to be mindful of the copy, the tone of voice, and the keywords you’re using. 

Sircle Collection, a boutique hotel chain, absolutely nails it. The first two buzzwords you read on its careers site are “creative” and “ambitious.” Before you’ve even seen which vacancies are open, you get a flavor of the type of team Sircle Collection has mobilized. Are you creative and ambitious? Apply!

And Sircle Collection doesn’t stop there. Its careers site, built using Recruitee by Tellent’s careers site builder, is visual, appealing, and inspiring! It clearly outlines its value propositions with detailed click-through pages that outline its stance and position as a company. Kudos Sircle Collection!

People & teams

Potential candidates are equally interested in knowing the team as they are in knowing the company. They’ll want to know who they’ll work closely with to reach your organization’s goals and objectives. 

Many companies opt for a page of thumbnails with the name and photo of each team member. Some companies go one step further. Better Collective and Betty Blocks are two such companies. 

Better Collective weaves personal testimonials with casual photos, emphasizing its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It inspires potential candidates to hit apply! 

Betty Blocks has a slightly more playful yet firm tone that, like Better Collective, is also inspiring. Fastned has done something similar, yet using video. All three are solid approaches created using Recruitee by Tellent’s ATS.

“We love Recruitee by Tellent’s intuitive interface, which allowed us to create a captivating careers page that perfectly embodies our company’s excellence and values with ease.”
Katrine Hansen, HR Consultant (Group People Experience) at Betty Blocks

Company structure & departments 

According to recent research, 77% of Gen Z workers consider themselves job hoppers, meaning retention is challenging. Candidates often consider growth and development as core attributes when evaluating a company. If this is something feasible in your organization, make sure to highlight these opportunities.

You don’t have to state it; you can showcase testimonials from employees who have advanced within the company or highlight its clear organizational structure. Presenting an overview of how your teams are organized naturally infers opportunities for development.

Media: resources, photos & videos

Okay, so you’ve sorted your key messaging. Now, you need to consider how to present it. Does an editorial-driven careers page reflect your company? If so, go for it. If not, perhaps you should consider multimedia content. 

As a rule, photos are great, but videos are better. By sharing visual content, potential candidates can get a complete picture of what your company is like to work for. Videos are engaging, and companies are leveraging visual content for marketing, sales, and recruitment across the board. It’s a strong tool for your employer branding. 

Photos and videos

There are many ways to use photos and videos on your careers site (it’s also easy to do). You could showcase office events and walkthrough videos of the office. You could also provide a detailed overview of the recruitment process using video.

Get creative and think of the core and most important messages you’d like to get across — and then ask yourself: would a video work better here? Video and visual content are also easy to repurpose and share through social media.

But more than anything, videos are a great way to present employee testimonials. Employee testimonials are gold. They’re personal, engaging, and trust-inspiring. Video allows you to have fun with it, too

Corporate branding 

Your careers site needs to look like it’s part of your company. It needs to be branded and consistent with the rest of your website and digital communications. 

Using an advanced ATS to build your website, like Recruitee by Tellent, gives you full control over the color schemes, fonts, and branding. You can truly personalize the site to meet your needs.

Don’t know where to start? Try our employer branding checklist today!

Download it here

Job descriptions

You also need to display your open vacancies and keep the page up-to-date. Once a candidate has decided your organization is one they’d like to work for, make it easy for them to apply. A clear, well-worded job description is essential. Tellent has rolled out a handy AI-powered tool to act as a writing assistant to make this easier.

How you present the jobs is just as important. Add filters and menus so a potential candidate can hone in on position and location — two major determining factors for a position.

Quick tip: Be transparent with the hiring process. Here is what we’ve done

The final step is sharing your open vacancies on job boards to expand the reach and help you tap into more talent pools. With Recruitee by Tellent, you can post your jobs on nearly 3,000 job boards.  

There are built-in features that allow you to bulk post and auto-post vacancies, so you can always ensure that your job listings continually have good traffic. 

The Checklist: Creating a careers site like a pro

To recap: First and foremost, you need an advanced ATS with a careers site builder. Then, you need to start planning your content and presentation. Here is the checklist for what to include: 

  • A company overview including values and proposition statement; 
  • An overview of your team and company structure;
  • A selection of photo and video content;
  • Employee testimonials;
  • Branding and corporate identity;
  • And, of course, your open job vacancies!

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