Top 31 recruiting & HR events to attend in 2019

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December 16, 2020
June 1, 2023
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Daniella Janis
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We’ve done the research and have made the selection of the top 30 recruitment and HR events worldwide so that you won’t have to. From mega HR festivals that attract a global audience to locally-hosted meetups, this list will give you the information you need in order to choose the right event. In no particular order, here are your top HR and recruitment events worldwide.For your easy browsing, we’ve broken the list into regions. Click the links in the list below to hop to the section you’d like to start with.


  • TalentCon
  • HR Vision Amsterdam
  • HRD Summit/Europe
  • On.Board Amsterdam


  • TalentPro
  • Data-Driven HR & People Analytics Forum Munich
  • Recruiting Convent
  • HR 360 European Summit
  • Social Recruiting Days
  • ReThink! HRTEch Europe


  • HR Salon Paris
  • The HR Congress Nice

Multiple Locations Europe

  • Zukunft Personal Europe
  • SOSU Europe


  • CIPD Festival Work
  • RecFest
  • HR Summits


  • HR West 2019
  • Indeed Interactive
  • ATD 2019 International Conference and Exposition
  • Culture Summit

Multiple Locations USA

  • HCI Events
  • Ere Recruiting Conference

Asia & Australia

  • HR Festival Asia
  • HR Innovation & Tech Fest

Multiple Locations Worldwide

  • SHRM Events
  • Unleash Events
  • Sourcecon
  • DisruptHR
  • Hacking HR


1. TalentCon

7th November 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Pathé Tuschinski

Price: €59.29 – €228.69

Type: Conference

Who should attend: HR, TA, recruitment professionals, #TAinnovators

Why: We, at Recruitee, have worked hard to put together a mind-blowing conference for our #TAinnovators community and beyond! You may have been to some of our monthly #TAmeetups, but this extends beyond anything we have brought to the HR community thus far. TalentCon 2019 is an action-packed 1-day conference on the future of talent acquisition. Connect with innovators and take your hiring to the next level. You’ll have the chance to tune-in to cutting-edge talks and network with leaders in the HR sphere.

TalentCon 2019: The future of hiring

2. HR Vision Amsterdam

23rd – 24th May 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: €1,099+

Type: Conference

Who should attend: HR, TA, recruitment professionals

Why: HR Vision Amsterdam’s purpose is to give people inspiration so that they are able to create a more efficient and effective workplace. What makes this event great is that those who attend are able to tailor their own agenda based on four different breakout sessions. People should leave this event feeling creative and having gained problem-solving skills. You will also feel more comfortable to collaborate with technology that has become notable within HR.

HR recruiting events
HRD Summit opening remarks, 2018.

3. HRD Summit Europe

19-20 June 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: €895+ VAT

Type: Summit

Who should attend: Senior HR Professionals

Why: HRD Summit/Europe is where the most senior HR professionals get together. About 200 HR leaders around the globe come together for this HR event. This 20-hour event provides senior HR professionals with inspirational speeches, networking sessions with other high-level industry professionals, leaders, innovators, and contains four different streams of tailored content. HRD Summit/Europe wants to get the greatest minds together in order to stimulate new and innovative ideas with HR. Senior HR professionals will be able to talk about different global opportunities as well as discuss the future of business.

4. On.Board Amsterdam

29th, November, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: TBA

Type: Conference

Who should attend: HR professionals and HR lovers

Why: Onboard.Amsterdam is a one-day event comprised of inspirational talks and thought-provoking workshops. People return on a yearly basis because they’ve created an environment that allows for excellent networking opportunities. Not only is this HR event educational but it is also fun, earning it a spot on our list. Indeed and Netflix are just a couple of companies that will speak at this HR event this year!


5. TALENTpro

13rd – 14th March, Munich, Germany

Price: €49+

Type: Exposition

Who should attend: TA and HR professionals

Why: TALENTpro offers participants an amazing agenda filled with speakers, various panel discussion, practice classes (Master Classes and Content Stages), numerous exhibitors, as well as technical presentations. This two day HR event provides practical examples, allowing for an informative market overview, and opportunities for participants to network with experts in HR.

6. Data-Driven HR & People Analytics Forum Munich

2nd – 3rd April, Munich, Germany

Price: €995+

Type: Conference & Exposition

Who should attend: HR professionals

Why: This is one of those HR and recruitment events that specifically explores how to get HR to go digital.  The event also explores how organizations can manage the fast-moving analytical changes that are occurring in the workforce. Analytics may seem unnerving for some, however, data and reporting has become central to the future of HR. This event aims to make analytics less intimidating for HR professional by creating proper knowledge and awareness of analytics in the workforce.

7. HR360 European Summit

4th – 5th  June 2019, Vienna, Austria

Price: €1,199+

Type: Summit

Who should attend: Recruiters, HR professionals, and management researchers

Why: HR360 European summit addresses five major challenges and opportunities that are faced within the realm of HR. This year they’ve identified the following five challenges and opportunities: Transformation projects; implementation of the latest technologies; applying advanced HR analytics to enhance employee experience; learning new styles of leadership in order to respond to trends; and to encourage participants to have an open mindset; this event will help you navigate the modern-day of HR!

8. Recruiting Convent (RC19)

22nd – 23rd May 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany

Price: €1,495

Type: Convention

Who should attend: Recruiters, HR, and employer branding.

Why: This HR event runs under the motto “Me, Myself, and I”. This event is about embracing transformation and adaptation as an imperative for survival- on both an individual and organizational level. Recruiting Convent, known as RC19, looks at digitization and customization with a creative perspective in order for participants to prosper within HR.

9. Social Recruiting Days

29th – 30th October, Berlin, Germany

Price: €990+

Type: Conference

Who should attend: Recruiters, sourcers, HR, TA experts.

Why: Participants at this two day HR event will gain expert knowledge about social recruiting strategies and talent sourcing. The event is highly interactive with over 40 case studies and interactive sessions allowing participants to gain some hands-on experience.

Sourcing recruiting event
Rethink! HR 2018

10. Rethink! HRtech Europe

28th – 29th November, Berlin, Germany

Price: €1,495+

Type: Summit

Who should attend: Recruiters, sourcers, HR, TA, and HR lovers

Why: Rethink! HRtech Europe is comprised of HR professionals that come together to discuss the latest technologies and strategies within HR. This is a great event in Europe if you want to learn about top-level HR strategies and new technologies. Rethink! HR makes good on its name by encouraging participants to discover new HR approaches and solutions.

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11. The Exhibition of Tools and Services for Business Executives, Heads of HR, Training and Information Systems

19th – 20th March, Paris, France

Price: Free

Type: Exhibition

Who should attend: Industry professionals

Why: With over 10,000 attendees, this is one of the biggest HR and recruiting events in Europe! HR professionals come together for three days to exchange information, innovative ideas, host workshops and discuss the forefront of technology within HR. If you are looking to grow your business this is a great event to go to as tons of solution providers attend. For those that are attending, come find the Recruitee team as we will be exhibiting there! Oh, and a small bonus, did we mention that this event is free?

12. The HR Congress

19th – 20th November, Nice, France

Price: TBA

Type: Conference

Who should attend: Senior HR Professionals

Why: This is a place where premium solution providers and HR clients take the time to meet face-to-face! Participants aspire to collaborate for a more adaptive, agile, ethical, successful, and responsive organization. If you are looking for new ways to face your day to day challenges then this event is a must.

Multiple Locations Europe

13. Zukunft Personal Europe

9th – 10th April, Stuttgart, Germany | 7th – 8th May, Hamburg, Germany | 17th – 19th September, Cologne, Germany | 6th – 7th November, Vienna, Austria | 13th – 14th November, Budapest, Hungary

Price: Varies per event

Type: Trade fairWho should attend: Anyone in HR

Why: Over 25,000 key decision-makers, leaders, and influencers from the world of work attend these trade fairs each year. Zukunft events are spread throughout Europe and are a must if you are looking to networking with like-minded individuals and learn about some of the top technologies in the industry.

14. SOSU Europe

3rd – 4th April, Munich | June, Estonia | October, Amsterdam

Price: Varies per event

Type: Summit

Who should attend: HR, TA, and sourcer and recruitment professionals

Why: At these HR events you will meet fellow risk-takers, game-changers, people finders, tool tinkerers and talent geeks! SOSU Europe focuses on discussing the top trends and opportunities that are shaping the talent sourcing landscape.


15. CIPD Festival of Work

12th – 13th June 2019, London

Price: £995+

Type: Conference and exhibition

Who should attend: HR, and L&D professionals

Why: CIPD Festival of Work is where you go if you want to discover how to lead your team, harness technology, and equip your workforce with the skills to succeed. As AI and robots have become more prominent in the workplace, this event helps allow people to up-skill themselves so that they are able to step up and work alongside technology. You will also gain leadership and management skills with a special eye to fostering a positive environment and embracing technology and innovation.

16. RecFest

11th July, London

Price: £190.49+

Type: Festival

Who should attend: TA professionals

Why: RecFest brings together 3,000 TA professionals from all over the world to celebrate what’s next in recruitment. RecFest is a  festival format professional event, as it contains five stages, engaging activities, marquees, street food, multiple bars, relaxed meeting points, and several chill-out areas. This is a great event to attend with your TA team if you are looking to bond and build a stronger team! You will also get the opportunity to network with your peers.

17. HR Summits (Multiple Locations UK)

14th, February, Manchester | 25th, September, London

Price: Varies on event

Type: Summit

Who should attend: HR, TA, and recruitment professionals

Why: These HR summits bring together buyers and suppliers. The summits consist of one-to-one business meetings, multiple interaction seminars, and valuable networking opportunities. These events enable you to create long-lasting business relationships.


18. HR West

11th – 13th March, San Francisco, CA.

Price: $888+

Type: Conference and exposition

Who should attend: HR professionals

Why: Want to find out what is going to happen in the HR industry next? Then HR West is the conference for you. This HR event has been occurring annually for 35 years- tried, tested, and true! You will discover a variety of new techniques for staying relevant and efficient. On top of that, you’ll get to interact and network with the leading innovators and disruptors within HR.

Recruiting event
Indeed Interactive keynote 2018.

19. Indeed Interactive

13th – 15th May, Austin, TX

Price: $599+

Type: Conference

Who should attend: HR professionals

Why: Indeed Interactive hosts a unique range of speakers one of them being Amy Poehler. These speakers will inform you about how to view data in a different way by sharing creative tactics and practical tools. You will leave the event feeling inspired by and confident with your new hands-on experience, and with a few more interesting contacts in your network.

20. ATD 2019 International Conference and Exposition

19th – 22nd May 2019, Washington D.C.

Price: $1,495+

Type: Conference and exposition

Who should attend: HR professionals

Why: The motto for this massive convention is, “Help others reach their full potential by reaching yours.” Powerful. The conference covers topics on instructional design, learning technologies, management, career development, and much more. Plus, the opening keynote speaker is none other than Oprah Winfrey herself!

21. Culture Summit

25th – 27th June, San Francisco, CA

Price: TBA

Type: Summit

Who should attend: Anyone

Why: This HR event is a cross-functional, cross-industry conference that brings together leaders, founders, cultural champions from all over the world. In this two day summit, participants will share insights and practices on building and transforming culture in the workplace. This event offers valuable lessons on the ever-changing work environment. From interactive sessions to inspiring speeches, get ready to learn about how to empower positive cultural change in your workplace!

Multiple Locations USA

22. HCI Events

4th – 5th March, Miami, FL| 6th – 7th May, San Francisco, CA| 10th – 12th June, Denver, CO| 29th – 31st July, Denver, CO| 10th – 12th, September, Boston, MA

Price: Varies per event

Type: Conference

Who should attend: Anyone

Why: HCI hosts multiple HR conferences throughout the USA. Each conference takes on specific themes. This year’s themes are: creating positive business outcomes with workforce analytics; making diversity and inclusion part of the everyday culture; beating the talent crunch with an all-hands-on-deck strategy; employee engagement; and learning and leadership development. HCI makes sure to cover the most innovative ideas and trends in the workplace at each of their HR and recruiting events. If you go to one (or all), you’re sure to gain new insights and perspectives on how to better your business.

23. ERE Recruiting Conference

22nd – 24th April 2019, San Diego | 14th – 16th October 2019, Washington D.C.

Price: Varies per event

Type: Conference

Who should attend: Recruiters to TA leaders

Why: This is a community-led event that attracts prominent industry speakers whose goal is to help inspire attendees so that they can prosper within their community. From keynote speeches to small group discussions this conferences has it all! If you want to go back to your office with real solutions on how to face some of your most pressing challenges, this event is for you.

Asia & Australia

24. HR Festival Asia

8th – 9th May, Suntec City, Singapore

Price: SG $985+

Type: Festival

Who should attend: HR professionals

Why: For the first time ever, two events: HR Technology Conference & Exposition (US) and HR Summit (Asia), will join forces in Singapore creating one of the largest HR and Tech gatherings in the region. This event will offer HR and management professionals an exclusive opportunity to learn and understand the complexities of HR tech.

HR Tech event
HR Innovation & Tech Fest 2018.

25. HR Innovation & Tech Fest

18th – 19th November, Sydney, AustraliaPrice: A$1,200+

Type: Festival

Who should attend: HR, TA,  and recruitment professionals

Why: HR Innovation & Tech Fest is the fastest growing HR event in Australia.  If you have a desire to unlock your greatest potential by learning more about HR tech, the betterment of people in the business world, then this HR event is for you. You will learn how HR is transforming into a core focus and innovative strategic business function.

Multiple Locations Worldwide

26. SHRM Events

23rd – 27th February, Dubai, UAE | 18-20 March, Washington, D.C., USA| 8-10 April, Nashville, TN, USA| 23-26 June, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Price: Varies per event

Type: Conference and exposition (Depends on the event).

Who should attend: Varies per event

Why: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, in which they represent 300,000 members in over 165 different countries! The Society is one of the leading providers of resources for HR professionals, especially with so many ideas and technologies within HR to make sense of. Each of their HR conferences are different but contain overarching goals that aim on informing you of where the road is headed.

27. HR Tech Demo Days

17th March, Berlin, Germany | 16th April, San Francisco, USA| 8th August, Singapore

Price: Varies per event

Type: Conference

Who should attend: HR Tech startups, HR professionals, HR executives and investors

Why: Whether you are in Europe, Asia, or the United States you can attend any one of these HR events in which the most prominent companies in your continent come together to discuss their products with investors and industry thought leaders. You will learn how to access HR data, boost a B2B company, scale a great sales team, and hear investors talk about their perspectives on HR technology.

HR Tech event
Unleash stage.

28. UNLEASH Events

19th – 20th March, London, UK | 14th – 15th May, Las Vegas, USA | 22nd – 23rd October, Paris, France

Price: Varies per event

Type: Conference and exhibition

Who should attend: HR professionals, and HR lovers

Why: UNLEASH group is comprised of passionate creative people whose mission is to inspire and transform the world of work and technology. And that is exactly what they do at their HR and recruitment events worldwide. These HR conferences attract some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, disrupters, and visionaries that include Richard Branson, Mo Gawdat, and Ken Robinson to name a few.

29. Sourcecon

19th – 21st March 2019, Seattle | 21st – 22nd May 2019, Amsterdam

Price: Varies per event

Type: Conference

Who should attend: Sourcers and recruiters

Why: If you are looking to learn about tools and strategies to make your sourcing faster, with better results, then Sourcecon is the place for you! At Sourcecon you will learn from experts as they share their trials and tribulations and what they did to overcome these hurdles in their careers!

Recruiting event
Disrupt HR Event.

30. DisruptHR

These meetups pop up all over the world, so check DisruptHR to see if there is an event near you!

Price: Varies per event

Type: Meetup

Who should attend: Anyone interested in HR

Why: Disrupt is an information exchange designed to energize, inform, and empower people in the HR field. Not only do you hear from HR leaders in your community, but you can also network with these leaders and others within your community. Plus, there’s free food and drinks on most occasions.

31. Hacking HR

Hacking HR is another global meetup that’s popular with all kinds of HR aficionados. Check out Hacking HR to see if there is an event near you!

Price: Varies per event

Type: Meetup

Who should attend: HR lovers

Why: Hacking HR has created a global community of HR individuals that are interested in the future of work and how that intersects with HR tech. These meetups provide some of the most valuable tools to the community so they are 100% ready for the future of work.Whether you’re looking to improve your HR processes or get the latest technology for sourcing candidates, there’s an event for you- no matter what your budget or location. Did you see a great HR or recruiting event missing from this list? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

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