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December 19, 2021
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You don’t need to be a social media expert to know that, on Twitter, news moves quickly. It’s often the first place a story is broken or an “official” statement is made. The recruitment community is privy to this, so it’s no surprise that we’ve harnessed this potential and created Twitter chats or Tweetchats revolving around HR topics.

Recruitment, much like any field, benefits from knowledge-sharing. Even if you aren’t a fan of tweeting what you had for lunch or where you go to buy packing tape, starting up a Twitter account and following certain hashtags can benefit you, your career, and your company.

If you have HR and recruiting knowledge to share, regardless of the sector, there is a Tweetchat for you! They generally happen on a recurring basis, whether that be once a month, bi-weekly, or twice a week. Pay attention to the time zone they’re operating in to make sure you don’t miss them in yours! Find a chat that matches your expertise, or you can find one that is simply in a topic you’re interested in. Don’t be afraid to reach out or just kick back and watch the knowledge flow!

Want a top tip to get ahead in twitter recruiting and twitter recruitment chats? Add a tool like TweetDeck to your recruitment tool belt. TweetDeck will help you keep track of hashtags you are following and like, reply, follow, and tweet in real-time. Happy tweeting! Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Here’s a sneak peek into what our TweetDeck looks like!

Comprehensive list of Twitter recruitment chats (by category)

*Converted to ET (Eastern Time) for ease of use

*Inactive hashtags are not included

Talent Acquisition


Hosted by:@Recruitee

Day/Time: Wednesdays @ 11:00 AM ET

Newly announced in October 2018, Recruitee hosts our very own Twitter chat on all things Talent Acquisition, found by following the #TAinnovators hashtag. The theme changes weekly, so keep up in the Talent Acquisition Innovators Facebook group for guest hosts, topics, announcements, and recaps.

Human Resources


Hosted by:@SHRMnextchat and @SHRMKaylor

Day/Time: Wednesdays @ 3:00 PM ET

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is affiliated with #Nextchat, a popular Tweetchat that focuses on a different HR topic every week. Topics have ranged from aging in the workforce to HR tech and automation. There are generally eight questions to answer, and recaps can be found on the SHRM blog.


Hosted by:@HR_Hour

Day/Time: Thursdays @ 3:00 PM ET

The simple name of this hashtag describes precisely the Tweetchat it facilitates: an hour of HR tweets. There are two questions released throughout the course of an hour, and tweeters from various areas of the HR field are encouraged to participate and learn.


Hosted by:@GAPartners

Day/Time: Monthly, varies

This Twitter recruitment chat name may evoke feelings of crunching leaves and football stadiums, but it occurs all year long! Topics vary and so does the time, so follow G&A Partners for updates.


Hosted by:@TonyAdams2002

Day/Time: Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM ET

While this chat’s main focus is Project Management, it frequently broaches recruitment topics. And if you’re struggling to get a little more organized in your day, follow the hashtag to keep up!

Employer Branding


Hosted by:@bryanchaney

Day/Time: Not specific

Head over to this hashtag to find an amalgamation of tweets about employer branding. It doesn’t occur at a specific time, but it is active and remains a hub for employment brand talk in the Twitter-sphere.

Diversity & inclusion


Hosted by:@AXSchat, @neilmilliken, @debraruh, and @akwyz

Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 3:00 PM ETAccessibility and inclusion in web-based and brick-and-mortar businesses is crucial when determining how to run your HR systems. This Tweetchat focuses on just that with different themes per week.

Leadership & career advice


Hosted by:@_Future_Leaders

Day/Time: Mondays @ 4:00 PM ET

This chunk of time on Tweetchat is dedicated to the future leaders of society. Most importantly for recruiters and employers of the world, it’s a place where future leaders gather! Learn some leadership tips and tricks while networking with potential candidates.


Hosted by:@MillennialTalk and @ChelseaKrost

Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM ET

While millennials won’t be the talk of the recruitment town forever, there is a place for them to mingle and feel less persecuted for their generation in the modern workforce. This Twitter recruitment chat focuses on trends in careers, which can give employers and recruiters a huge advantage when developing sourcing processes. Perfect place for Twitter recruiting if you’re up for it!


Hosted by:@CareerServChat and @LynnCareerCoach

Day/Time: Second Wednesday of every month @ 12:30 PM ETSimilar to the aforementioned chats, this particular Twitter chat is more for the job seekers of the world (psst, might help up your Twitter recruiting). Get a sneak peek into tips and tricks for recruiting these individuals, where to find them, and what types of careers/employers/benefits they are looking for.


Hosted by:@CyndyTrivella, @TomBolt, and @LevyRecruits

Day/Time: Fridays @ 12:00 PM ET

#OMCChat stands for Open Mic Career Chat. A virtual open mic situation allows for all types of tweeters to come together and talk about all things career-oriented (on both the candidate and recruiter sides). It doesn’t hurt that Steve Levy (@LevyRecruits), a well-known name in recruitment, is hosting. Go network!


Hosted by: @JobHuntChat

Day/Time: Mondays @ 9:00 PM ET

With its self-explanatory name, #JobHuntChat attracts job-seekers and recruiters/employers, alike. And guess what? Job seekers are looking to learn about job seeking, and recruiters/employers can find potential candidates, as well as insider information on how to nab them.


Hosted by: @YouTern

Day/Time: Mondays @ 8:00 PM ET

YouTern hosts this Tweetchat about internships, mentors, and how networking can affect your career path. It offers contemporary career advice that you can learn from as an employer or recruiter. And a little networking never hurts here, especially since they encourage it! If you are looking for an intern with tons of potential, this is a good Tweetchat to check out.


Hosted by:@conpsweeney and @LinkedInExpert

Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM ETEncompassing all things that have to do with LinkedIn, #LinkedInChat is a go-to chat if you want to learn about using the professional platform. The audience is primarily job-seekers that want to learn the best headlines to use, but that information is, in turn, valuable to recruiters and employers in many ways. For instance, you could use these answers to optimize your job descriptions and get more hits on your careers site!


Hosted by:@KateNasser

Day/Time: Sundays @ 10 AM ETAlthough this may be the broadest chat subject mentioned yet, it has its importance to this roundup of Twitter recruitment and HR chats. After all, people skills are not only something we look for in potential hires but something that recruitment and HR processes can benefit from greatly. Topics change weekly, so it’s worth keeping a tab open for!

Podcast Chats


Hosted by:@Drivethruhr, @WilliamTincup, @Thehrbuddy, @TheOneCrystal, and @MikeVanDervort

Day/Time: Podcast is every day at 1:00 PM ET, no specific chat timeThis hashtag acronym stands for DriveThru HR, a leading human resources podcast. Some big names, such as William Tincup, are along for the ride, so check out the hashtag to learn what they have been chatting about! This chat is more freestyle, so come and go as you wish, but know that the podcast comes out frequently.


Hosted by:@MeghanMBiro and @TalentCulture

Day/Time: Follows podcast at 1:30 PM ET on WednesdaysThis Tweetchat is quite specific, and you can tune in to talk about the podcast topic of the week. They frequently have guest hosts, as well, so there is an abundance of recruitment and HR info to be learned from #WorkTrends! Topics in the past have ranged from HR tech to new hire relocation.


Hosted by:@HRSocialHour

Day/Time: No set chat time, but the podcast comes out the last Sunday of the month Much like the #DTHR chat, the hashtag doesn’t need to be followed at a specific time. However, if you want to participate, just check out the HR Social Hour podcast on the last Sunday of the month. Then, head to Twitter for recaps and tweets of quotes and tips!

Event-based Chats


Hosted by: @SHRM

Day/time: Before, during, and after the eventSHRM has #Nextchat, as mentioned above, but they also host HR events that deserve to be tweeted about! The SHRM hashtag will have the relevant year tacked to the end of it, and you can use the hashtag to post and follow pictures, quotes, speakers, and information about the event 24/7, 365.


Hosted by:@SourceCon

Day/Time: Before, during, and after the eventSourceCon is another huge event for recruiters and sourcers! Follow along with the hashtag if you can’t attend. It’s a way to see the speakers and goings on if you’re not able to be there in real life! Of course, if you are a lucky participant, you can join in on the hashtag with pictures and tweets of your experience. (Note: There are likely other HR events that use hashtags, so make sure to check out this list of HR tech conferences and search around!)

How do Twitter chats work?

All of the above Twitter recruitment chats are very welcoming. Each will have variations on the same rules, so make sure to check out the host(s) bio(s) before participating! That will also include the most up to date information about the topics, times, etc. Here are some general guidelines for participating in Twitter HR and recruitment chats:

  1. Be respectful!
  2. Like and follow other participants to network.
  3. If it is a question format, pay attention to question numbers, and answer accordingly (most chats prefer you put A1., A2., and so on in front of your answers).
  4. Don’t self-promote unless it’s relevant to the subject.
  5. Only use the hashtag during the allotted times or with relevant information to the chat.
  6. Use a tool such as TweetDeck for easier following of hashtags.
  7. Have fun!

Twitter recruitment chats are an untapped source of knowledge for many recruiters and employers. Check out some of the chats mentioned above, network, and see what you can learn!

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