A private investment firm balances recruitment across portfolio companies

published on:
September 1, 2022
September 6, 2022
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January 17, 2023
Olivia Gracey
private investment firm success story with Recruitee
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One of our customers is a private investment firm based in Austin, Texas, with a focus on investing in middle-market companies. They acquire companies that are stable but need an extra push to scale successfully. Founded in 1995, they’ve grown a lot recently and now sit at around 30 employees. 

We sat down for a Zoom call with Gaby Rodriguez Moody, a Recruiter for the consulting team who joined the company last June. She partners with different portfolio companies and helps them (as well as the parent company) with hiring-related duties.

She detailed her experience doing extensive research to find an ATS, ultimately choosing Recruitee, and how her life has changed since that fortunate decision. Maybe not her whole life, but at least her hiring processes have drastically improved. Keep reading to see what we mean. 

Cutting ties with spreadsheets and email threads

Prior to Gaby joining her company, there was no ATS or centralized method for hiring. This meant lots of Excel spreadsheets and long email threads. It was just too much to keep track of. Gaby immediately knew that they needed an ATS. 

Thankfully, Gaby was familiar with the advantages of using an ATS. It was evident that they needed to make their lives easier, especially for those who focus on hiring. They had to find a solution, and fast!

Recruitee? It’s a no-brainer

She quickly got to work, researching, testing, trying demos, and learning as much as possible about several ATSs.

Ultimately, they chose Recruitee due to a number of reasons but mainly with the goal of improving candidate experience while saving time and increasing efficiency. Once they signed up and got access, things moved pretty quickly. 

We just went all out, and we set it all up as fast as we could. It was a really easy and smooth transition. 

A few short weeks later and they were up and running. 

Time-saver creates time for what matters

It’s been six months using Recruitee. And the consensus? 

Wow, this is already saving us so much time, keeping us organized, and just making our day better.

Each vacancy comes with different needs, and Gaby and her team wanted to make sure it was possible to customize each step of the hiring process as much as possible. The standardizing of processes and having one source of truth within Recruitee really helped to save time while increasing efficiency.

Even from the very beginning with Recruitee, the benefits were apparent to Gaby and her team. Now they can focus more on sourcing candidates rather than going back and forth between people’s calendars to schedule an interview. 

Collaborative hiring was a huge bonus for the team, within the private investment firm, and among the portfolio companies. Bringing hiring managers into the hiring and interview process has never been easier. 

Collaborative hiring for the win

Collaborative hiring is more than just a phrase at Recruitee, and Gaby and her team feel the same way. They’d adopted collaborative hiring and live and breathe it in their processes. Curious about their favorite collaborative hiring features? 

  • Team notes are game-changers, especially being able to see everybody's notes, like the hiring manager’s, right after an interview.
  • Having everything all in one place; all emails, candidate information, feedback, and evaluations. This means a faster response by being able to refer back to a candidate or the last communication with the click of a button.
  • Gaby gave hiring managers in portfolio companies access to Recruitee thanks to having unlimited users. They could not only view and communicate with candidates but leave their evaluations and notes as well.

Working on a consulting team, Gaby provides support to portfolio companies. Something that's super important to them is accountability, and being able to provide real-time reporting data or living hiring updates is monumental. 

Recruitee has made a huge difference in how we're able to bring in new people not only here but also for our portfolio companies.

Growing portfolio companies and top-notch employees

The future looks bright for this private investment firm. They’re planning to grow their internal consulting and admin teams, as well as within their portfolio companies.

We're excited to have [the portfolio companies] use Recruitee more and more.

With summer 2022 rounding out, this private investment firm is looking toward its next milestones. Seeing 17 hires within six months of using Recruitee, the only way forward is up.

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