How Betty Blocks is hiring for today while thinking of tomorrow

published on:
January 13, 2022
January 13, 2022
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January 17, 2023
Olivia Gracey
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What do you do after securing a huge round of funding? Start hiring more! Building a great team can take time, but it’s well worth the effort to invest in people now and reap the rewards. 

Betty Blocks is in this exact position and is ready to grow its team with the help of Recruitee.

Building an ATS from scratch

Betty Blocks is a Netherlands-based software company that enables a new breed of developer - the citizen developer. With its no-code platform, anyone can build an application from scratch without writing a single line of code.

Being a no-code platform, Betty Blocks decided to build its own applicant tracking system (ATS) from scratch. They used this ATS to manage their hiring for some time but it was better suited for a start-up, and no longer fit their growing needs as they scaled their business and team. So they started looking for an alternative solution.

Before Recruitee, we were wasting a lot of time on administrative tasks, for example, when declining candidates.

Perry Hofman, Recruiter at Betty Blocks

Bringing Recruitee into their tech stack

The initial goal when rolling out Recruitee at Betty Blocks was to reduce the administrative workload and increase collaboration among hiring managers.

We chose Recruitee because of the number of automation features, like rejecting candidates, scheduling appointments, and assessing candidates all in one comprehensive package.

Dennis van Rietschoten, Recruiter at Betty Blocks

With the hot job market, they do a lot of their sourcing themselves and use the Google Chrome extension because it's really easy to add candidates into the pipeline.

After the vacancy is posted on Recruitee and automatically added to several other jobs boards, Dennis and Perry process the candidates, review them with the hiring manager(s), go through rounds of interviewing and make the final candidate an offer.

Big investment = big hiring plans

Betty Blocks just received a large investment ($33 million!). Dennis and Perry agree that Recruitee is the perfect partner to help them reach their goals. For their future hiring plans, they’re thinking really big.

We're going to invest in attracting new talent as well as our existing staff, and we will use Recruitee as an accelerator for reaching our ambitious goals.

Dennis van Rietschoten, Recruiter at Betty Blocks

Recruitee helped add a lot of transparency into Betty Blocks’ hiring process. Everyone involved can go into Recruitee and check the status of candidates or vacancies, rate the candidates, and leave evaluations. 

Betty Blocks has implemented more and more automation to save time and reduce manual work. The ease of collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters will speed up and scale the hiring process.

How Recruitee can help them get there

Perry’s favorite Recruitee feature is the fully customizable job page. He can add different languages, which is helpful since Betty Blocks is hiring in multiple regions across the globe. 

On the other hand, Dennis loves the calendar integration. He can invite candidates to interviews, either on-site or online, and can invite the hiring manager to join, or other people involved in the hiring process. 

They also involve the greater Betty Blocks team in sourcing candidates by making use of their referral portal in ReferralsHub. Everybody at Betty Blocks can refer candidates in their own network which makes the sourcing process easier and increases the quality of hire.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaborative hiring is a team effort, and by hiring collaboratively, everybody can take a role in hiring people. Dennis and Perry agree on this and emphasize that they now have one place where all information is accessible for everybody involved in the hiring process.

Hear more about Betty Blocks’ experience below:

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