How Great Florida Jobs placed 420 people in 90 days with Recruitee

published on:
March 31, 2021
September 29, 2021
Last updated:
November 24, 2022
Pierre Vandenberghe
Great Florida Jobs customer story
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Great Florida Jobs describes themselves as “a virtual extension of your HR department.” They cover a lot of ground, working in staffing, recruiting, and hosting job board websites such as, and they’re active all over Florida. As part of the Network, they are connected to more than 6,500 employers and benefit from monthly traffic of over 500,000 professionals.

The challenges

  • Project with the State of Florida to place 420 people in 90 days
  • Difficulty controlling and managing their pipelines
  • Many different candidate sources
  • Relatively small team
  • A lot of time spent on manual tasks

Great Florida Jobs has always been on top of recruitment technology, using solutions like job simulators, remarketing, or geofencing to source and attract candidates. This approach to hiring seduced the state of Florida, which offered them a substantial contract: placing 420 people in 90 days. This opportunity was enticing for the agency, but it also brought new challenges. First of all, 90 days is a short time to place 420 people! But it’s even more arduous when your team includes only five (remote) members.

With very different jobs – from low-salary to attorneys –, funnels to fill, thousands of candidates to assess, manual work, and short deadlines, the team at Great Florida Jobs needed a tool to manage their processes.

We have so many people and stages in our pipeline. For some of the stages we’re in control, others not. So, I was looking for how to manage this process and I found Recruitee.

Roger Lear, President at Great Florida Jobs

The solution

  • Automating evaluations and questionnaires
  • Using personalized pipelines and pipeline templates
  • Tracking data like candidate sources to know which ones perform best
  • Collaborative hiring and unlimited users in Recruitee
  • Tagging candidates and creating talent pools to run campaigns
  • Automating manual tasks and communication with other managers

With Recruitee, Great Florida Jobs has a centralized view of their pipelines for each job to fill. Recruitee has enabled the agency to track and visualize candidates in one place and in real-time, allowing the team to evaluate their applications without losing time or data in the process. The benefit of automating key activities, such as job posting or sending questionnaires, streamlines a lot of their tasks.

We've got about 40 new candidates in this morning, and we were able to send them our simulator link in an email in two seconds. It's just beautiful.

When a candidate enters a pipeline for one of the jobs, their profile is quickly scanned to check all the boxes; then they are sent a link to a “simulator,” which usually consists of a research task and five interview questions. Once the candidate has completed this simulation, their profile is sent to the hiring manager at the State of Florida, who will use the “quick evaluations” on Recruitee (thumbs up or down). If they’re through, the team at Great Florida Jobs drags and drops the candidate to the next stage in the pipeline: application and background checks. After that, it’s just a matter of setting a start date and making sure the candidate shows up!

Recruitee’s automation, templates, and communication features are a tremendous help for the agency, helping them save time and effort on manual tasks.

It's so many of the little things that somebody took the time to figure out and make it happen. And those little things are such huge time savers.

The impact

Recruitee has helped Great Florida Jobs to fulfill their contract for the state of Florida, overcoming the significant challenge of hiring 420 people in just three months. With an easy adoption and onboarding process (even remotely), the collaborative hiring software was invaluable to the agency.

The jobs on the pipelines can be adjusted accordingly. Everything's drop and drag, there are just so many features that really make it easy. I've been in the business a long time, and it’s evident the designers of this product actually were talent acquisition people at some point in their lives!

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