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published on:
September 1, 2020
September 22, 2021
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January 17, 2023
Adrie Smith
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The customer experience industry changes as other industries grow with their customers, which means there is always room for innovation and improvement within this space. This is something that Mopinion founders Floris Snuif, Kees Wolters, and Udesh Jadnanansing, realized and acted upon back in 2013.

These three founders came together and created a technology company that helps digital-first businesses collect customer feedback from multiple online channels. Mopinion helps these companies to improve online performance and user experience on their websites or mobile apps using its customizable feedback forms and real-time dashboards, which deliver deep insights. These insights can reveal how your business is performing in terms of digital content, online sales funnels, user experience, and customer loyalty.

As they’ve grown their customers’ businesses through improved customer service, Mopinion has also grown in team size. Behind this growth is a can-do mentality which extends to their hiring ethos, shared by co-founder Kees Wolters: “When shortlisting candidates, we work a little bit differently than most other businesses, which is mainly attributed to the fact that in a startup, having the right mentality is everything. This means that, above all, the candidate needs to have a ‘get-the-job-done mentality’ and is capable of taking the initiative when needed. It also means that we tend to focus less on factors like previously held positions and experience but rather more so on their potential to perform within the function.”

The Recruitee candidate evaluation feature helps companies like Mopinion create great shortlists of candidates with tangible and practical skill sets. Throughout the hiring process, interviewers are invited to give feedback on candidates in the Recruitee system. Using candidate evaluations, interviewers are able to rate the candidate’s skills on a scale of one to four. This way, the hiring team is able to ensure that only the candidates with the right (and best) skills are moved forward into the further stages of the interview process.


Using Recruitee helps the Mopinion team better determine real skills and saves time in the hiring process, “Once the applications start flowing in, the hiring manager and team leads screen them and subsequently run an invitation and selection process using Recruitee. This helps us automate tasks such as rating candidates, planning in interviews and sending out rejections to candidates.”

Getting the right hire the first time is important for Mopinion, “In my opinion, it’s all about focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to selecting a team. I feel that it’s better to have a small team that is more well-rounded, flexible and able to adapt in a dynamic environment. Mind you, this is not only good for the business itself but also the team members as it pushes them to grow and expand their capabilities.”

But getting the right hires in starts with promoting your vacancy in the right places. “Together with the appropriate team (the hiring manager and team leads), we start by gathering all of the requirements needed to fill the position and put together a job description based on those requirements,” Wolters shared. “Once this is accomplished, we then start searching within our own network for candidates who may match the profile. This includes posting it on our own media channels such as the blog and social media (e.g. our LinkedIn and Facebook pages) to start capturing some attention.”

“The next step is to place the vacancy on our recruitment platform (jobs.mopinion.com) which is run by Recruitee. This is followed by the distribution of the vacancy (based on job requirements and the target group) to websites such as Indeed.com and LinkedIn where we can further ‘spread the word’ about the opening.”

Seamless integration with many major job boards allows Mopinion to cut down time promoting their jobs across different channels.

Mopinion makes the most of the tools at their disposal to streamline their hiring and find talent with a can-do mentality. With a focus on quality in both their business and their team, Mopinion is laying solid foundations for sustainable growth.

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