Recruitee's Customer Success sets candidate relations up for success at Slingshot Group

published on:
May 31, 2022
May 27, 2022
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January 17, 2023
Olivia Gracey
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When your business is all about hiring, then you need a powerful ATS to back you up. That’s exactly what Slingshot Group needed.

Slingshot Group is a US-based staffing organization that partners with churches and nonprofits to build remarkable teams through staffing and coaching. They get to know the unique culture of each organization to help evaluate their staffing needs so they can find the best candidate for the position.

Slingshot is a virtual company with over 60 employees spanning the entire country. They’ve been a loyal customer, working with Recruitee since 2017 to help meet their staffing goals. 

Charissa Barnaby is Vice President of Candidate Relations, a new division at Slingshot Group. She heads a team of 5 and is responsible for all things related to the candidate experience, how the applications are processed, the associates’ interview process, and much more.

Having been with Slingshot Group for 9 years, and in her current role for almost 1 year, she was the perfect person to sit down with for a chat about her experience with Recruitee.

Finding the perfect ATS before the search even began

Pre-2017, Slingshot Group used Highrise, a CRM software that since 2018 has not been accepting new signups, to house and track all candidate data. When that was no longer cutting it, and before attempting to look for a replacement, Recruitee kind of fell into their lap.

An associate, familiar with Recruitee recommended the ATS. It didn’t take long until stakeholders at Slingshot Group were on board. 

And as they say, the rest is history.

Recruitee was the answer

Once making the switch, it was a few clicks to import their candidate database into Recruitee. 

Everyone at Slingshot Group has access to Recruitee, of which around 10 are admins in the system. This means that different people, with differing roles and responsibilities, will have access to the information that they need within Recruitee, without burdening them with information overload. That makes collaborative hiring a breeze.

What can a Customer Success Manager do for you?

Throughout our interview, Charissa couldn't help but rave over their team’s experience with Rich, Slingshot Group’s dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Rich has been fantastic to work with! We have been very happy with Recruitee, we love it. You are constantly improving the user experience through regular updates and you really listen to what your customers need. When I give Rich feedback, he’s responsive and works to get us a quick resolution.

It’s so valuable for Charissa, and Slingshot Group as a whole, to have one person who understands how they operate and can help them in achieving their own goals. Whether it’s helping set up automation in their pipeline to suggesting new features that will help speed up their processes, Rich is always one step ahead when thinking of ways to help Slingshot Group.

Since the very beginning Recruitee’s customer support has been absolutely amazing.

Charissa also mentioned that as a company, Recruitee really listens to the customer and is always making the system better. 

That’s why we are transparent when it comes to features we are working on and our public roadmap. Customers can go in, take a look at what features have been requested, and even request their own.

Setting up candidate relations for success

Slingshot Group has been with Recruitee since 2017 (mind you, Recruitee was only founded in 2015), and 9 months ago they decided to overhaul their internal processes. With the creation of the Candidate Relations team and Charissa’s new role, creating a more structured system for tracking candidates was an obvious next step.

So Rich helped Charissa create a new pipeline and add automation to different hiring stages. Not only was this beneficial to the Slingshot Group team, who saved time and user experience, but it also improved their candidate experience.

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to change once they are used to things a certain way. However, everyone at Slingshot Group is using Recruitee and loving it! It did not take long to get familiar with the changes; they’re all taking advantage of the improvements to the pipeline and the automation. The automated emails were company-approved before being implemented so everyone can have peace of mind.

Our team is very happy with Recruitee. It is the right system to support all of our work with candidates. Since we changed our process about nine months ago, it's been life-changing for everyone.

The team is even able to check Recruitee on the go with their mobile phones. Upwards of 95% of the Slingshot Group team uses the Recruitee mobile app. They’re able to check on new candidates or pull up a candidate profile with just a few clicks.  

Here’s to the next 5 years

When discussing how often Charissa uses Recruitee, she said:

All day, every day. It's one of the best tools out there on the market.

Last year, Slingshot Group experienced impressive growth and has close to 300 open jobs at the moment. Having been one of the longest-standing Recruitee customers, there’s no end in sight for what we can achieve together.

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