How Sircle Collection drove up the performance of its career site

published on:
February 18, 2021
September 22, 2021
Last updated:
May 10, 2022
Sim Samra
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Careers pages and employer branding are two peas in a pod. Done right, this portion of an organization’s website can be the best weapon for inbound applicants and talent growth.

To help create a complete candidate experience, the Sircle collection, an international hospitality group, decided to merge it’s career pages into one.

The result? An increase in qualified candidates and the successful conversion of new hires.

Building a centralized database

The Sircle Collection comprises three hotel brands (Sir Adam, Max Brown, and Park Centraal hotels) across the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Spain. It also boasts restaurants, concept stores, and spas in Europe.

One of the biggest challenges that the group faced was centralizing its database of all its individual brands.

“We had different career pages for each brand and used Excel spreadsheets and email to track the recruiting process manually. This meant our collaborative hiring was all over the place. We knew that to strengthen our employer brand and candidate experience, we needed to merge our career pages into one so that it sat under the Sircle Collection”

Nela Avalos Cedeño, Recruitment & Employer Branding Manager for Sircle Collection

Merging career pages into one

The group decided to simplify its hiring process with a user-friendly ATS system that all it’s hiring managers could get on board with.

“With Recruitee, we have a much better overview of all the brands in our company. With one careers page, we can easily communicate, evaluate, and retain relationships with candidates not just in the Netherlands, but also in Europe.”

Nela Avalos Cedeño, Recruitment & Employer Branding Manager for Sircle Collection

Greater collaboration between key stakeholders

The group was also looking for ways to enhance its collaborative hiring efforts to strengthen its employer brand. Using Recruitee, the group was able to keep all key stakeholders in the loop when hiring for specific roles.

“One of our favorite features is the overview of the candidate pipeline and application status tracking. Stakeholders can leave their notes on each candidate and see what stage each applicant is in the process. This enables easy sharing of candidate information and ensures everyone is on the same page.”

“The hospitality industry is all about the customer experience. Now we can implement that with Recruitee from a candidate perspective. Our relationship management has been strengthened.”
Nela Avalos Cedeño

Recruitment & Employer Branding Manager for Sircle Collection

Setting up relevant talent pools

The group has also taken advantage of setting up relevant talent pools for its individual brands, which they can filter by location, willingness to relocate, competence, skillset, etc.

“The nice thing about talent pools is that it enables us to stay connected with candidates, and that means we don’t have to start from scratch if we’re considering them for new roles. Talent pools are an invaluable resource for our recruiters and hiring managers.”

Showcasing company culture

Looking ahead, the Sircle Collection is focused on strengthening its employer branding efforts. The group has been running an employer branding audit and held a diversity and inclusion session with its staff.

“It’s important for us to get feedback from our employees on areas where we can improve. We do this by gathering feedback in surveys, exit interviews, onboarding surveys, performance evaluations, employee satisfaction surveys, etc."

“Alongside that, we run diversity and inclusion sessions. It has always been important for us to build a safe and open environment for our employees where they feel comfortable discussing D&I matters with us,” added Nela Avalos Cedeño.

The group is also taking actionable steps to build on its company culture in the form of visual content.

“Videos and testimonials help us to showcase our company to candidates. We also utilize social media by live streaming events and going behind the scenes.

“Having visual content is important to us as we’re a very visual company, so this is an excellent way for candidates to see all the exciting things we’re up to in the hospitality space.”

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