Solutions 4 Delivery made 10 hires in 2 months with Recruitee

published on:
September 26, 2022
September 23, 2022
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February 7, 2023
Olivia Gracey
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Solutions 4 Delivery is an omnichannel operating system that empowers Quick Service Restaurants to become fully data-driven e-commerce platforms. Trusted by big chains like New York Pizza, Pizza Hut, Apache Pizza, and Telepizza, Solutions 4 Delivery focuses on getting more revenue and profits for its partners by increasing customers' order value and improving time-to-ticket and retention.

With a team of 75+ people, Solutions 4 Delivery has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is supported by an office in Katowice, Poland. Daan Bakker joined Solutions 4 Delivery in early June 2022 as the Head of Growth. His first task - build a growth team from scratch. 

At the time, there was no one responsible for Human Resources, so Daan took up the challenge and set up the employer branding and recruitment processes and was responsible for selecting and implementing the tech tools to assist him. 

He already had the best solution in mind, and we were excited to hear his perspective. 

Using Recruitee at his last previous jobs

When Daan first started at Solutions 4 Delivery, he figured out that there was no internal strategy for recruitment, and they were using their own network and external recruiters to hire. All applications were received in a general inbox, and emails had to be forwarded to the hiring manager for review. 

Sometimes it wasn’t clear what the roles and responsibilities were in the hiring process (i.e., Who is the hiring manager? Who should do what?). This just wasn’t sustainable, especially for a fast-growing start-up. 

Daan immediately knew what to do - get Recruitee! It was a no-brainer for him.

I’ve been working with Recruitee for years. First, when I worked as a Head of Marketing at 433 and later at Jobbird. For 2.5 years, I worked with Recruitee while I was the VP Growth at Virtuagym. After that, I introduced Recruitee to my previous company, myTomorrows, and now at Solutions 4 Delivery. That makes five companies where I have used Recruitee, and it helps me to promote the vacancies and saves me a lot of time.

Getting Recruitee set up how he likes it

The main goal when rolling out Recruitee at Solutions 4 Delivery was to have one source of truth when it came to recruitment as well as bringing in more people as part of the hiring process in a simple manner.

Already knowing the ins and outs of Recruitee, Daan got to work. He set up the careers site for Solutions 4 Delivery, highlighting their unique employer brand. It didn’t take Daan long to get everything set up. 

It only took a couple of days. I just needed help from a developer for some technical assistance, but other than that, I was able to build the careers site on my own.

Now Daan has set up a collaborative hiring process that consists of:

  1. Sourcing interview
  2. First interview with the hiring manager
  3. Second interview with the hiring manager and another team member? 
  4. Final interview with the CEO 
The team is really happy with the structure and that they can leave and read notes about a particular candidate.

10 hires in 2 months? No problem.

After implementing Recruitee at Solutions 4 Delivery, they made 10 hires in 2 months. 

Daan started with a Recruitee trial account and already began setting things up how he wanted them. With Daan’s previous Recruitee experience, it took all of 1 week to get everything up to his standards, and he could begin sourcing for the first open roles.

Because Daan had everything set up clearly in Recruitee, candidates can enjoy an enhanced experience.

With bulk messaging, and bulk actions in general, it makes my life easier, but also improves the candidate experience because they are never left waiting on a reply or status update.

Next up for Solutions 4 Delivery

With just over 3 months at Solutions 4 Delivery under his belt, Daan has his sights set on continuous improvement. Next up? Hiring the next 10 people and making the first hires for the People team!

I set everything up knowing that I was going to hire someone in Human Resources to take it all over and own it. I just kicked it off and set the groundwork.

For now, Daan enjoys the time he spends in Recruitee on a daily basis. His successes are a testament to a true Recruitee evangelist!

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