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published on:
November 26, 2019
September 22, 2021
Last updated:
December 20, 2022
Adrie Smith
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The online shopping industry is booming. As any consumer knows, there are good shops and… well, not so good shops. Sometimes telling the difference can be tough. This is where Trusted Shops come in.

Based in Germany but operating globally, Trusted Shops is a leader in certifying online retailers. They rate and award online retailers quality labels based on a series of over one hundred criterion measuring the company solvency, product pricing, transparency, customer experience and service, and handling of personal data. With transparency and customer feedback becoming increasingly important for businesses, TrustedShops has become popular among retailers and consumers alike.

Over 9,500 online retailers have registered with Trusted Shops since their founding in 1999, bringing improved transparency to the online shopping experience for shoppers around the world. As their user base has grown, so has their team. Growing by just over 70 employees in a single year it has become important for Trusted Shops keep the hiring as streamlined as possible.

We spoke to Trusted Shops’ Head of Recruitment, Marco Garbrecht, who shared this goal, “We had to make our recruiting process more efficient in order to reduce the time, our process had become very time-consuming. The communication within the team and the poor usability of our previous solution caused us problems.”


Just over a year ago, Trusted Shops decided to switch to Recruitee, “Thanks to the help of Recruitee, our communication between the HR team and the hiring managers in the recruitment process and selection of candidates has improved considerably.” Unlimited users and accessible team notes have enabled better team collaboration in the hiring process for Trusted Shops; automation features have helped them significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive manual tasks.

“Of course, this is also noticed by our candidates, who on average receive much faster feedback. This strengthens our employer brand as well as our chances in the competition for particularly sought-after candidates,” Garbrecht shared. With Recruitee, Trusted Shops can now communicate internally and with external candidates more efficiently than ever before.

When asked about Trusted Shops’ overall experience with Recruitee, Garbrecht said, “We’ve been really impressed with Recruitee’s intuitive design and user-friendliness. The new data reporting and analytics features have set a new standard within the industry.”

With the online shopping industry booming worldwide, Trusted Shops’ success is sure to continue. However, as they grow, so will their team. With an efficient and streamlined process in place and a tool to support their team, the quality of their recruitment will be secured.

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