Attracting the right candidates: YAYS' recruitment transformation with recruitee

published on:
May 9, 2023
May 8, 2023
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May 8, 2023
Anne Dolinschek
YAYS customer story
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YAYS is not your typical hospitality brand. They’re not about providing apartments in overcrowded tourist hot spots, there’s a dime a dozen of those. Instead, YAYS enables guests to discover and experience cities and neighborhoods like locals while still enjoying home comforts. 

We spoke to Carly Duran-Bakker, Head of HR; and Femke van der Meer, Head of E-commerce, to understand the role of Recruitee in reaching recruitment goals and making processes streamlined, efficient, and effective for YAYS.

Big challenges for a solo team

When Carly started using Recruitee, she was solely responsible for the organization’s recruitment and other HR functions. At the time, her biggest recruitment challenges were: 

  • A manual process that was time-consuming and took time away from her other duties
  • Needing to attract more of the right candidates from the moment job postings went live
  • An inefficient internal communication flow with hiring managers and teams

Having identified her challenges, Carly’s goals were simple. She wanted to standardize the recruitment process that, for candidates, would lead to an understanding of the brand before they applied to work at YAYS, and ultimately attract the right candidates who will have a good candidate experience from start to finish.

For her, the hiring managers and teams, a standardized process would mean reducing unnecessary administration and streamlining internal communication, giving them the time to focus on more thorough candidate screening, and getting to know the person behind the CV a bit better. 

Streamlining processes

Carly found a solution for her challenges in Recruitee; which helped her achieve her recruitment goals and so much more. In fact, 45 out of 80 YAYS employees were hired through Recruitee and counting! 

Centralizing communication and standardizing the recruitment process led to collaborative hiring, which made a big difference to Carly, hiring managers like Femke, and hiring teams.

With the entire hiring process in one place, they have an overview of candidates, their progress in the process; and everyone’s notes and feedback, eliminating the need for additional meetings and communication to get updates.

As a hiring manager, Recruitee gave me structure and took away a lot of unnecessary conversations. I can see everyone’s comments in one place; which makes the recruitment process easier and more efficient.
Femke van der Meer
Head of E-commerce at YAYS

Attracting the right candidates and saving precious time

The YAYS careers site was one of the first steps in attracting quality over quantity candidates by showcasing the organization’s culture, values, and what it stands for.

“Building the site was incredibly easy with Recruitee’s CareersHub. You don’t need to be a developer or even tech-savvy, it’s an easy plug-and-play and the end result looks fantastic,” commented Carly Duran-Bakker, Head of HR. “This is where the candidate experience really starts and we’ve seen an increase in quality candidates since we’ve developed the career’s site.” 

The templates and automations are also put to good use, saving the team even more time and guiding them in conducting structured interviews, which is crucial for hiring the right people. Furthermore, Carly noticed that everyone part of hiring teams became far more engaged, interested, and no longer saw recruiting as an arduous chore.

Recruitee also takes care of tricky things like ensuring that we’re GDPR compliant, something that was giving me sleepless nights before
Carly Duran-Bakker
Head of HR at YAYS

One of the core GDPR features at Recruitee ensures that candidates’ personal information is anonymized, allowing full reporting of old candidate profiles that are no longer held by organizations.

Another one lets you control how long you want to keep candidate data. There is also a feature allowing candidates to make requests when they want to access, remove, or correct their data in your Recruitee database.

Carly has seen big changes in YAYS’ recruitment since starting to use Recruitee. The most notable are the shorter time-to-hire, attracting more quality candidates, improved team efficiency due to streamlined internal communication; and an improved candidate experience. 

Overall, using Recruitee meant that YAYS’ Head of HR, hiring managers, and the hiring teams work together towards a clear and common goal. Everyone is aware of their responsibilities and knows what to focus on; which contributes to faster and more efficient recruitment, team efficiency, and better candidate experiences.

“Thanks to Recruitee, I can now focus on other important HR functions like developing employees and ensuring that they are placed in the right positions that make sense for them and the organization,” concluded Carly.

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