Webinar: Crafting your global talent acquisition strategy

Last updated:
September 30, 2022
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Whether it's hiring across multiple countries or states, learning how to craft the perfect hiring battle plan is essential. In this webinar, Karim Gharsallah, Recruitee's Global Head of Talent, shares his story of how he hired 150+ people across 3 different continents in 2.5 months. Based on his experience and learnings, he also explains the key learnings from Recruitee's own expansion into the DACH market. His biggest tip? Don't underestimate the time that recruitment takes.

The main take aways from this webinar: 

  • Tips from Karim, Recruitee's Global Head of Talent and TGTHR keynote speaker
  • The challenges of expanding into a new country and how to overcome them
  • Key benefits of hiring abroad
  • The pros and cons of working with an agency
  • Practical tips for crafting your talent acquisition strategy

You can watch the full webinar above.

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