Webinar: Deep dive into talent acquisition strategies

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July 17, 2020
December 2, 2022
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Effective talent acquisition is the glue that bonds any successful organization with access to the best possible talent in the market. Therefore, it’s essential for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals to get a grip on the changing landscape and plan for how it will impact their business.

Talent acquisition can help you attract and retain talented employees. Below, we've compiled a list of resources to help you achieve just that:

1) Check out our blog on designing new talent acquisition strategies. Here, we explain how you can revise what you already have in place and adapt to face the unknown challenges that lie ahead.

2) We ran a fantastic webinar with Social Talent on how to upskill recruiters during a crisis, which you can watch now.

3) Want to know the secrets on how to source the best talent out there? Make sure you check out our sourcing strategies playbook where three industry experts share their sourcing tips and tricks.

4) Listen to our podcast on proactively sourcing talent and developing a plan. Our guest speaker gives his tips on how to implement this process at your own company.

5) What is there a difference between talent acquisition vs. recruitment? In our blog, Talent acquisition vs. recruitment; why you need both.

6) Don't forget to check out this interesting read on 5 talent acquisition strategies to build awesome teams.

7) What is talent acquisition management, anyway? in this article, we focus on how and why talent acquisition management is a critical function within an organization.

Happy reading!

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