Webinar: Diving into the dimensions of diversity

Last updated:
March 27, 2020
December 2, 2022
min to listen
Charlotte Melkert

When people think of diversity, they tend to focus on surface diversity, such as gender, racial and ethnic diversity, which are all visible. But there are other types of diversity that aren't always visual: educational and economic background, age, family status, culture, disability, gender identity, sexual preference, political leaning, and religion.

On a more intellectual level, diversity can also be found in the ways we think and work, how we communicate, in our skills and interests, and the ideas we have.

In our webinar, we sat down with Charlotte Melkert, Co-Founder & CEO of Equalture, where we discussed how businesses can add more dimensions to their team diversity, build their corporate social responsibility practice, and in turn, effectively improve their (financial) performances.

Key takeaways:

  • A discussion on how businesses can adapt their recruitment to accommodate different types of people, and how it could benefit as a result
  • How recruiters can ensure their HR policies and company communications use inclusive language that avoids making assumptions about people's identities
  • What different dimensions to be aware of here when it comes to whether your workplace is inclusive of people with disabilities
  • How businesses can show leadership, and be on the cutting edge of diversity
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