Webinar: Elevating your employer brand with Van der Valk

Last updated:
September 30, 2022
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Employer branding is a company’s strategic employee value proposition. It encompasses the company’s values, working environment, reputation, and perception as a place to work. 

There is an easy way to show off who your company is - on your careers site! Showcase your company values, mission, founders, hiring process, employee testimonials, offices - anything you would like that will bring clarity to who you are as a company.

In this employer brand-focused webinar, Ken Kreutzer, Senior Customer Success Manager at Recruitee, virtually sits down with Ellen Hoogeveen, Recruiter at Van der Valk, to discuss how to enhance your employer brand to attract top candidates, all on your careers site. 

Ken and Ellen discuss:

  • The importance of employer branding for meeting company and recruitment goals.
  • The connection between attracting candidates and your employer brand.
  • How to show off your employer brand on your careers site.
  • How to easily build your own careers site with CareersHub.

You can watch the full webinar above.

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