Webinar: Unexpected talent sources—Slack, Instagram, and Facebook sourcing

Last updated:
April 12, 2019
October 21, 2021
min to listen
Brian Fink
Adrie Smith

Smart recruiters use social platforms to discover top talent. From online professional networks to open source communities to general social sites, recruiters are able to tap into pools of both passive and active candidates. Facebook, Slack, and Instagram are three unexpected talent sources.

In this webinar, we sit down with Brian Fink, Senior Tech Recruiter at Rentpath, to discuss how he uses these unexplored channels to source quality candidates.

What we discuss:

  • How to recruit on Slack, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • How to leverage social data to quickly assess a candidate’s fit, skills, and qualifications for an opportunity.
  • Using customized messaging and outreach to engage talent to engage with talent.
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