Webinar: Attracting and retaining top talent with Framestore

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September 7, 2022
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What does collaboration mean to you and how can you succeed in attracting, hiring, and retaining talent by implementing a collaborative approach?

In this session, we explored how collaborative hiring can transform your candidate experience and improve your overall recruitment process.

Key takeaways from this session

  • A partnership between recruiter and hiring manager ensures that the right candidate is chosen based on themselves as an individual, not just their creative or technical ability.
  • Regardless of contract length, department, or location, all employees have access to on-demand training courses that help accelerate career development.
  • A positive off-boarding experience, which includes helping contractors find their next role and maintaining contact with those who wish to leave, has had a positive effect on Framestore's retention and re-hiring strategies.

About the Speaker

Amy Smith is the Head of Talent at Framestore, and has been working in recruitment and talent-related roles within the visual effects industry across both the UK and Canada for many years. In each role, she has additionally had responsibility for working with schools, colleges, and universities to provide career guidance and support educators with content. She is a non-executive Director of Access:VFX, an industry organization working to improve the diversity of the visual effects industry.

What is TGTHR?

With the first edition taking place June 8–9, 2022, TGTHR is Recruitee's newest go-to event for HR and recruitment professionals to engage with experts on the best tactics to future-proof your hiring practices.

Stay tuned for updates on the dates for TGTHR 2023!

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