Webinar: The complexities of collaborative hiring

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September 7, 2022
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Going remote has opened up the talent pool, and you can now hire top-quality people from anywhere in the world. So how do you elevate your skills, learn how to tackle multiple talent pools, navigate time zones, and overcome fierce competition?.

Watch this session recording for unique insights and techniques on building and maintaining your talent pipeline with a winning sourcing strategy that goes beyond borders.

Key takeaways from this session

  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with the position and how it affects the organization before each intake meeting. You should also consider what makes you stand out from the competition.
  • Recruitment is a collaborative effort. You are in a battle for attention and retention. Hiring managers, HR and recruiters must partner together to make hiring a success.
  • Better collaboration reduces candidate ghosting and increases the chance of keeping candidates in the hriing process

About the Speaker

Katrina Collier is on a mission to end the collaboration chaos that ruins recruitment and candidate experience; exacerbated by hybrid working. She is one of 2 people globally delivering design-thinking workshops specifically for recruitment, that swiftly help companies fix the real issues preventing successful talent acquisition. She is also a Mentor, Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, a global keynote speaker, and host of The Hiring Partner Perspective podcast.  Katrina is an Ambassador for Hope for Justice charity, and you’ll find her on LinkedIn and on Instagram & Twitter @KatrinaMCollier.

What is TGTHR?

With the first edition taking place June 8–9, 2022, TGTHR is Recruitee's newest go-to event for HR and recruitment professionals to engage with experts on the best tactics to future-proof your hiring practices.

Stay tuned for updates on the dates for TGTHR 2023!

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