Creating a culture of inclusion and belonging

Published on:
June 28, 2022
last updated:
October 11, 2022
Rebecca Anderson
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Creating a culture of inclusion and belonging
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At Recruitee, we care deeply about creating an inclusive workplace where anyone can belong and feel happy, safe, and included.

For Pride this year, Jim Lurion, a proud trans man, and our French Content Marketer shared why it was important for him to find a place where he can go to work and be his authentic self.

Recruitee Pride Video
Watch our 2022 Pride video: Be yourself, no matter where you are 🌈

This Pride Month, and beyond, we are committed to building a culture of inclusion at Recruitee where everyone can be their authentic selves. In this Recruitee Insider, we will dive into our own journey towards creating a culture of inclusion for everyone, including our LGBTQ+ employees!

Beginning our DE&I journey

In 2020, we founded our first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Committee to bring forth conversations and actions that challenge the status quo. 

Recruitee Diversity and Inclusion Journey
Watch us discuss the steps of our D&I journey here.

There were a number of steps we took to help us reach this significant milestone:

  • Training and advice from a Diversity & Inclusion expert
  • Interviews with our People team and employee representatives
  • A follow-up, company-wide Diversity and Inclusion survey 
  • The creation of an Inclusion roadmap 
  • The founding of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee (including employees from all levels and global locations)

This marked the start of our journey, but we knew we had a long way to go!

Taking Pride in who we are

As we progressed along with our inclusion roadmap, we began creating momentum for our DE&I initiatives. 

This included:

  • communicating progress internally to increase accountability
  • appointing more advocates to our committee
  • preparing training workshops on subjects like inclusive hiring, unconscious bias, and diversity sourcing methods

Part of encouraging accountability for our pledge for inclusion included external communications leading to our Pride 2021 video!

In 2021, we celebrated our journey of creating a culture where our employees can be themselves, be heard, and be impactful. To help raise awareness around creating more inclusive workplaces and how to support initiatives that help the LGBTQ+ community all year round, we created our #RecruiteeProud video.

Recruitee Pride Video
Watch our #RecruiteeProud video here.

Where are we now

Now two years later along our journey, we are working on phase three of our inclusion roadmap: cementing sustainable change.

There are a number of initiatives that have been accomplished as we’ve advanced to this stage:

  • Creating a D&I resource library for all our employees 
  • Creating an open dialogue about our D&I efforts in our Slack channel
  • Seeking continuous feedback from employees
  • Improving internal policies
  • Ensuring D&I training is integrated into our onboarding

To continue outwardly signaling our goal of creating a culture of inclusion and belonging, for Pride 2022, we are proud to share Jim’s powerful story and will be hosting our own internal Pride celebration and fundraiser!

We know that conversations around the inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees should not stop after Pride Month. We choose to celebrate this every year to take a moment to reflect on our own progress, and to ensure that we are doing our part to spread awareness. With this in mind, we’d like to end our article with recommended LGBTQIA+ resources.

LGBTQIA+ recommended resources list

Here is our resource list: 

Rebecca is Instant Commerce's Content Marketer. Her goal is to educate and entertain HR and recruitment professionals with content on the latest topics disrupting the industry.

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