Proactively source candidates with your team

The best hires come from employee referrals and pro-active sourcing.
Invite all your team members to source candidates and build talent pools together.

Database of candidates
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With Recruitee sourcing extension, any team member can import potential candidates from any websites to your Recruitee account.

On major websites like GitHub, Dribbble, Stack Overflow, and Facebook, Recruitee sourcing extension pre-fills candidate information. You just need to import it to Recruitee with one click.

Your database of potential hires

Save sourced candidates to Talent Pools and organize them according to skills or locations.

Extensive filters and tags help you find any candidates, no matter how big your database is.

With unlimited seats in Recruitee, you can invite your whole team to help scout the next team members.

Ratings, comments, internal notes, and @name mentions keep everyone up-to-date, and literally on the same page.

Create different hiring roles and assign them to your team members. A clear structure helps everyone know what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

Your candidate sourcing checklist

Free sourcing extension

One-click import from major websites

Candidate database per team

Filters and tags for the candidate database

Team communication for reviewing candidates

Custom hiring roles for team management

Test-drive your candidate sourcing

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