How we make product roadmap decisions at Recruitee

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July 7, 2022
July 8, 2022
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Ashley Herbert Popa
How we make product roadmap decisions at Recruitee
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At Recruitee, we like to call ourselves product-led and customer-obsessed. 

We’re serious about our product. Out of our 200+ employees at Recruitee, 88 sit in the product team. That means almost half of our organization focuses on defining our product goals and building the best collaborative hiring software possible.

In 2021 alone, we released 49 new features and over 30 new integrations.

We’re also serious about our customers. On any day of the week, we’ll see up to 30 points of customer and market feedback from Canny, HubSpot, NPS (net promoter score) responses, G2 reviews, and support tickets — all pushed to various Slack channels, so the whole company has an eye on it.

Our product roadmap is public for everyone (customer or not) to see what we’re working on because this is a truly collaborative effort to build Recruitee. 

Our Chief Product Officer, Marcin Moszyk, sums up our product vision best: “We strive to implement customer feedback into our roadmap and be transparent about what we build. Every product decision is meant to forward our goal of building innovative and teamwork-friendly software that’s easy to use by recruiters and beyond.”

So, how do we prioritize what goes on our roadmap? 

Just six years ago, we would have answered this question differently. We were just starting out, and everything was based on gut feeling.

Thankfully, we’ve hired many experts in their field along the way, and these decisions are much more rooted in feedback, data, and our business goals. Let’s dive into the factors.

Who we are and what we value  

It all starts here. Our mission is to empower teams with the best tech tools to hire better together.

Before we put something on the roadmap, we have to ask ourselves, will this help our customers hire better together with team members in their organization? Will this keep our product easy to use? Does this support a mid-size company’s hiring needs? If the answer is no to any of these, we must reconsider if it belongs in our product. 


As said earlier, feedback is a serious business at Recruitee. And it comes from everywhere.

Our customers act as co-creators at every stage of the Recruitee journey, joining us in multiple steps of the development process like scoping, design, and betas.

Ongoing feedback comes from our Customer Success and Support teams, NPS surveys, Canny (our roadmap tool), G2 crowd reviews, and our Voice of the Customer Program, which consists of ongoing customer interviews, and is compiled to be given directly to our product team.

Customer feedback is a big weight in prioritizing what to build, but we also get feedback from our sales team on the front line about what our future customers need, market feedback based on current trends and struggles in HR, and more.

We also love to ask our in-house customers (Recruitee’s recruiters) for their input! With this feedback, we can build impactful user stories that shape the future of the product. 


I won’t bore you by going down a technical rabbit hole, but basically, we check if we have the resources (knowledge, personnel, structure, etc.) to make this happen. 

Bringing the product to life

Once we’ve established what belongs on the roadmap for the year, it’s planning and execution mode.

For each feature, we define what we’re launching, design the feature, plan go-to-market execution, build, launch the beta, make adjustments if needed, and finally launch!

While we have a plan and timeline for each launch, we strive to be flexible. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last six years of honing this process, it’s that nothing is permanent.

We have to be willing to adapt — to re-prioritize, scrap projects, or add in new features because customer needs are changing. Because of this, you won’t find release dates on our roadmap. 

Our focus is on building a great product — even if that means making changes after a beta that could impact the launch date.

Our Voice of the Customer Program, in addition to feature development feedback, helps us re-assess priorities throughout the year by continuously talking to our customers and customer-facing teams about their needs and challenges. 

There’s no exact formula for determining what should go on a product roadmap for the year, but focusing on the needs of our customers and staying flexible has helped to drive the long-term success of Recruitee and our product. 

How can you contribute your feedback? Recruitee customers can go here to give feedback or participate in our ongoing user interviews.

Book a demo if you’re not yet a customer, and our sales team can pass along your feedback!

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