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December 17, 2020
December 18, 2021
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You get ahead when you have a growth mindset; in life and recruitment. Fortunately, recruitment growth is much easier to lock down and optimize to get the best results possible (just look at all the ideas in last week’s chat!). You can use data and analytics to track gaps in your recruitment that need to be filled. Taking control of your recruitment growth is crucial to building the most effective team! There are numerous benefits to doing so.

A growth mindset is great to have, but what is it? Just thinking about growing your hiring process isn’t going to cut it. Read on to enjoy a recap with some highlights of the #TAinnovators (Talent Acquisition Innovators) Twitter chat on growth hacking your recruitment. We asked, and you answered!

Q1. What does it mean to you to have a “growth mindset” in recruitment?

recruitment growth

A growth mindset is when you are open to any and all possibilities to move forward, whether that be in your company, your personal life, or otherwise. Having a recruitment growth mindset, specifically, “keeps you from falling back on the status quo. Be open to trends — especially on social media — to reach out and attract the greatest number of potential hires.” (@JKatzaman).

It’s easy to get stuck in a recruitment growth rut when there are so many old adages out there still in use. When you catch yourself continuing a recruitment practice just because “it has always worked”, that’s when you know your mindset isn’t in the right (growth) place!

The best results occur when “you and your whole team are open to using data and experiences to improve constantly! The hiring process can always get better.” (@TAinnovatorBeth). With that in mind, it’s a good idea to start tracking data that can inform you of places in which your process can use some growth (and how to go about it!).

Q2. What kind of data should recruiters collect to ensure growth?

recruitment growth

The #TAinnovators chat recommends tracking:

  • Time to hire
  • Quality of hire
  • Diversity
  • Talent pool data
  • Longevity of hire

But this is just the beginning. It’s important to tailor your analytics to your specific recruitment situation. This will differ from other companies’, as well as ebb and flow across time as your company needs change and evolve.

If you’re going to take one metric from the list above, Rebecca (@RGCclarke) recommends to “definitely look at quality of hire! You can spend all of your time improving other metrics but if you miss out on quality of hire, you’ll be constantly recruiting for the same positions.” Reduce that turnover rate!

Q3. What tools do you consider to be “growth hacks” in the recruitment sphere?

recruitment growth

Recruitment growth hacks are likely to differ from other fields’, but they have at least one thing in common: the need for some automation. Here are some tools that our #TAinnovators chat members suggest getting ASAP:

Piyush (@PG_pmp) urges us to use tools that get rid of some manual tasks that are slowing down the recruitment process. Save room for in-depth analysis of the candidate profile!

Jim (@JKatzaman) suggests to always stay aware of the latest developments in HR tech. This way, you can keep up with competitors, as well as make it known to potential talent that you care about the recruitment growth process! Keeping up with trends will place your company in a positive light while also giving you the upper hand in finding the best talent. If we are careful to program HR tech without any inherent biases, it can work wonders for reducing the influence that biases have on hiring decisions. Tech isn’t perfect yet, but that just means there’s room for growth!

Q4. Do you consider Talent Pools a major recruitment growth factor? Why or why not?

recruitment growth

In order to grow, you need to learn from your past experiences. To kickstart your recruitment growth, this means you may want to look at old candidates. We wanted to know if the #tainnovators have found their Talent Pools useful to recruitment growth thus far.

There were those that haven’t quite tapped into the recruitment growth potential of Talent Pools yet:

@bartellpeter: Talent pool[s] unfortunately now-a-days to me a lot of times [are] just code for how much marketing did we do.

And then there were some that realized you get out what you put in:
@JKatzaman: If you have a good grasp of who is available for you, you’ll have a better idea of how your positions relate to them. Talent pools can be a growth factor if used properly. That comes from recruiter training and experience.

That’s what a recruitment growth mindset is all about! We love hearing all sides of your recruitment stories. Growing includes engaging in thoughtful conversation about recruitment with your peers. And #TAinnovators is a great place to do just that.

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