Webinar: Attracting talent by storytelling

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September 7, 2022
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Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to bring your employer brand to life.

As your organization grows, the story has not one narrator, but many characters. It’s up to you to work together to craft the narrative of your organization. Because no one can tell it better than those who are living and breathing it. By telling an authentic story you can draw top talent to your organization. How can you tell your story?

By creating an employer value proposition (EVP). In this session, Karim will dive into the importance of creating an EVP, the steps it takes to work together to build this EVP, and how to build an authentic culture for your company that will attract talent.

Key takeaways from this session

  • Candidates want their values to match the company they work for. Finding that alignment can be difficult if a company doesn’t dedicate time to define and communicate their values.
  • Executing and launching an EVP that is genuine and built collaboratively can take upwards of a year, this doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Your EVP requires attention - from content creation to frequent adaptation as your company grows. An Employer Branding specialist can lead this.

About the Speaker

Karim is Recruitee's Global Head of Talent and TGTHR keynote speaker, with expert experience in collaborative hiring, employer branding, and crafting and executing global talent acquisition strategies.

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What is TGTHR?

With the first edition taking place June 8–9, 2022, TGTHR is Recruitee's newest go-to event for HR and recruitment professionals to engage with experts on the best tactics to future-proof your hiring practices.

Stay tuned for updates on the dates for TGTHR 2023!

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