Recruitee Radio | Improving candidate and employee experience

Last updated:
April 26, 2021
October 21, 2021
Noel Thomas

Recruitee Radio · Recruitee Radio - Improving candidate and employee experience

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There’s no doubt that the candidate experience has a significant impact on how job seekers perceive an organization. But it’s not the only experience that can have a big impact on job satisfaction and retention rates. The employee experience, which focuses on how employees manage their work and coworkers, matters just as much.

In this episode of Recruitee Radio, we were joined by Noel Thomas, Co-founder & Creative Director at CA3 & Eli Onboarding, where we discussed how to bring these two types of experiences together to help new hires transition into their jobs.

We discussed:

  • What recruiters can do to ensure that the expectations set in the recruitment process are delivered when the employee comes on board
  • What recruiters can do to deliver a smooth and successful onboarding experience virtually
  • How to create a sense of community with new hires during remote times

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