Recruitee Radio | Providing a top-notch candidate experience

Last updated:
March 26, 2021
October 21, 2021
Adisa Van Velsen

Recruitee Radio · Recruitee Radio - Creating a top-notch candidate experience

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Hiring in vast numbers can be tough to get right, but not impossible.

We sat down with Adisa van Velsen, Manager of Candidate Experience at Netflix EMEA, who explained how Netflix managed to make over 320 hires in a relatively difficult year, while still maintaining a top-notch candidate experience.

She also went on to discuss:

  • Learnings and challenges adapting to the shift in workplace dynamics towards remote working
  • How to be more transparent around the hiring/application process with candidates
  • How to ensure your virtual onboarding process runs as smoothly as possible
  • How Netflix is sharing its culture with candidates remotely

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