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September 19, 2022
October 4, 2022
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Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, the tried and tested job boards you typically rely on just don’t produce results? That may be because you’ve been fishing in the same pond for too long, or are fishing in the wrong pond altogether for a specific requisition.

If that’s the case, then it might be time to diversify your sourcing strategies and consider posting jobs to multiple job boards that you haven’t tried before.

Diversifying where and how you promote your recruitment ads to prospective candidates is key to staying in front of the competition. That means thinking outside of the box when choosing which job boards you’ll use to source your candidates.

In this article, we’ll share 10 niche job boards that might help you find new and unexpected candidates.

But first, let’s discuss why it’s important to post jobs to multiple job boards in the first place.

Why post to multiple job boards?

Expanding your sourcing horizons helps you continuously find and test new opportunities for landing top talent.

While the big job boards like Indeed, Workopolis, or LinkedIn are all great for maximizing your reach, you’ll inevitably be jostling for position with hundreds of other recruiters trying to land the same candidates.

All this noise runs the risk of your job ad being overlooked, especially if you continuously post to the same websites.

Instead, it’s good practice to post to a variety of job boards of varying sizes and audiences. By being picky about which job boards you post to, you can be more strategic about which audience you’re targeting, and how you speak to them.

Here are just some of the benefits of posting to multiple job boards:

  1. It maximizes your reach and enables diversity recruiting tactics.
  2. It lets you target niche segments of applicants, and tailor your messaging to their interests.
  3. Ultimately, this leads to more (and better) applicant pools.

Before we jump into our 10 niche job boards, it’s important to note that recruitment ads can be placed in a tonne of different and unusual places on the internet today.

Whether it’s a casual post on social media, a video recruitment ad, a billboard or riddle in a newspaper, or even just a friendly message in an industry forum, recruiters are continuously breaking down the traditional boundaries of where and how they promote their openings.

Useful tip:

The key to choosing the perfect job board is to know who your ideal candidate is, what makes them tick, and how you can get their attention.

Now that we’ve established why you should post to multiple job boards, let’s take a look at some niche job boards you can consider for your next requisition.

10 niche job boards for your next requisition

To help expand your job post reach, here are 10 niche websites that you should consider:

1. The Muse

Kicking things off on our 10 niche job board list is The Muse. This site acts as both a traditional job board, and content platform for employers and job seekers.

The Muse allows companies to build out detailed profiles of their company, including culture, values, and any other relevant details that build out an employer brand.

These profiles are included alongside job postings so that seekers can gain a full and honest understanding of the company before they apply.  

This is a great site for companies who want to showcase all that their company has to offer, and post well rounded and transparent job ads.

2. Women for Hire

Women for Hire is a great website for employers looking to actively nurture their diversity hiring strategies.

This site provides specific support and guidance for female job seekers, helping them find companies and positions that fit their needs and goals.

The site provides specialized advice for women and helps to match qualified job seekers with companies that will meet their personal and career requirements.


Useful tip:

Useful tip:

Women for Hire is a great resource for recruiters who are looking to round out their workforce with more diversified demographics.

3. CollegeRecruiter

CollegeRecruiter is one of many job boards focussed specifically on entry-level and internship positions for students either in or fresh out of college or university.

This is a fantastic resource for recruiters and companies who are looking to fill summer internships or co-op positions, or entry-level positions.

This site is also a great way to attract highly skilled young professionals at the start of their careers.

Industries like engineering and programming are in very high demand around the world, so attracting future experts in these fields at the start of their careers is a great way to invest in your human capital down the line.


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4. Doostang

Doostang is one of a number of exclusive job boards that cater to high-quality candidates in the finance, business and consulting professions.

It matches the most qualified and sought after candidates in these fields with top employers by establishing an exclusive community of recruiters and job seekers.

If your company specializes in finance or has a track record of recruiting high calibre consultants and business experts, then Doostang is a good place to start.  

5. WayUp

Similar to College Recruiter, WayUp caters to students and professionals at the start of their careers. The difference, however, is that WayUp focuses exclusively on paid and unpaid internships.

Internships are a great resource for new job seekers and recruiters. New graduates are eager to gain practical experience in their field (and need it to grow into permanent roles), while companies can always use less costly workers to complete more entry level tasks.

WayUp helps match these two parties, creating a win-win situation.

6. FlexJobs

With the rise of the gig economy, and the pervasiveness of freelance work for one-off projects, flexibility is more important than ever for job seekers.

Many younger workers in the Millenial and Gen Y generations are seeking positions that can be worked remotely, and on a flexible basis (either part-time, full-time, or with flex hours).

FlexJobs is a niche job board that caters directly to this type of work. Recruiters can post ads for freelance work, remote positions, and part-time roles to fill out their human resources.

This allows companies to hire new workers on an as-needed basis, without the full financial commitment of a permanent employee.


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7. Dice

Dice is a great example of a niche job site tailored to one specific sector. Companies and job seekers that use Dice work exclusively within the technology industry.

This is a great resource for recruiters who are looking for candidates with specific skills (i.e. software development) or experience in a specific environment (i.e. fintech).

Likewise, job seekers can use Dice to focus exclusively on positions within the technology sector that may compliment or expand upon their career trajectory to date.

8. MedReps

Like Dice, MedReps is a highly niche website that focuses on the medical profession.

As you can imagine, medicine is a highly regulated and demanding profession that requires very specific qualifications, credentials and licenses.

Trying to fill positions in this field using job boards like Indeed would undoubtedly yield large numbers of unqualified candidates.

By using MedReps, recruiters are given an automatic layer of prescreening, helping them to ensure that the bulk of their candidates will have the requirements they’re looking for.

For job seekers, this site allows them to quickly and easily find jobs that are specifically relevant to them and their unique skill set.

9. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is quite unique in its approach to matching job seekers and recruiters. Using innovative technology, this site actively learns about job seekers and their preferences as they view and apply for jobs.

As this intelligence matures, ZipRecruiter is able to actively suggest and match recruitment ads with specific candidates.

It also provides added transparency for job seekers through industry-leading salary information and alerts on trending companies, cities, and job categories.

This is a valuable resource for recruiters who are looking for ways to target and refine their inbound candidates.

10. AngelList

AngelList is perfect for start-up companies looking to expand, with focus on multiple tech sectors, including health and beauty apps and publishing.

There are over 8M candidates in this job board, and companies can use basic search filters to find the person that best fits the role to fill (including timezones, remote preferences and video and engineering assessments).

This is a good resource for recruiters in a start-up tech company (and it is also free!).


This list serves as a quick introduction to a handful of niche sites on the internet today. There are dozens of other great job boards that you can and should consider for your sourcing strategy.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this article it’s that sticking to the mainstream, and putting all of your recruitment eggs into the same baskets is not a good strategy for diversifying and improving your workforce. Think differently, and find your top candidates where they are. Posting job ads to multiple job boards that speak to your audience is the perfect place to start.

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