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Set up your Careers Site

You want to have your own Careers Site! That’s great. Here is an introductory video:

Let’s go into action!

Click the “Careers Site” button on the top bar menu.

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

This will lead you to the Careers Site of your company. By default, we create a subdomain for you (e.g. You can change this to your own domain in the later steps.

On the left side of the Careers Site, you can click on “Career Site editor” to open it.

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

There are four main modules in the “Careers Site editor.” Let’s go through each of them.

1—Color Palette

Consult your brand identity guidelines to make sure you get the right colors. “Brand color” is for buttons and icons. Then you get the body text, headings, and subheadings’ colors.

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software


There are seven fonts available that are compatible with all browsers and mobile-friendly. Choose the one that stays closest to your brand identity. If you want to use other fonts, feel free to contact us via

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

3—Content Sections

This is the main stage to showcase your employer brand. By default, we have six sections set up for you. There are two extra sections that you can add by clicking the plus icon below.

You can rearrange each section by dragging and dropping them around. Except for “Header” and “Jobs,” other sections can be deleted.

careers site - recruitee recruitment software

Hover over each section and click on the pencil icon to edit it. Be as elaborate as you need to. Here are our quick tips:

  • “Header”: This may be a candidate’s first impression of your company. Be friendly and straightforward.
  • “Text / Picture”: Use this to talk about career opportunities for candidates, or to draw a better picture of your company, or both.
  • “Team”: Show the real people behind the brand if you can. Seeing future colleagues would help candidates position themselves better in the application.
  • “Jobs”: Add call-to-action messages here. Since you already filled out job information in “Create your first job opening,” you don’t have to write anything else about the jobs here.
  • “Photo Gallery”: Team and office photos are the best way to showcase your company culture. One step closer to getting that cultural-fit candidate.
  • “Map location”: With Google Maps embedded, candidates don’t have to google your address anymore.
  • “Perks & Benefits”: Fill out the information you feel comfortable with at this stage. Straightforward details, or a certain range can help candidates decide better.
  • “Videos”: Yes, now Recruitee also supports VIDEOS! All you need to do is inserting the links of your videos in this section.

4—Advanced Settings

Here you can access advanced options like changing the Careers Site’s domain and style the site with custom CSS.

careers site - Recruitee recruitment software

  • “Site address / Domain”:  Use your own domain to host your Careers Site. Just make two CNAME entries in DNS settings of your domain. Contact the technical person that is controlling your domain and set up the following DNS entries: CNAME CNAME

If you need help setting up your custom domain, contact us –

careers site - Recruitee recruitment software

  • “Language / Translations”: Change the language of your careers site to fit your target candidates.
  • “Custom CSS / JS”: If you are one of those hard-core users who want to style your Careers Site more than what the “Career Site editor” offers, feel free to enter your custom CSS and JS scripts here.

careers site - Recruitee recruitment software

  • “Favicon / SEO / Shared images”: You can add your company’s logo as your Careers Site’s favicon. You can also adjust the meta titles and meta descriptions of the main Careers Site and each Job’s page so that Google can index them better and candidates can find them easier.

Another great thing you can do here is uploading “Shared images” for the Careers Site as well as for each Job. These images will be displayed whenever you share your Careers Site’s link or your Jobs’ links on social media. Feel free to customize it to reflect your employer brand!

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

Yes! You have finished the guide of setting up your very own Careers Site. Let’s do a virtual high five, try making a Careers Site now by clicking here, or get to the next level: promote your job openings.

If you’ve got questions and would like more advice using Recruitee, join our 100% free product webinar today!