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Under Review

Improve text box size

under review

The text box size is too limiting and doesn't even allow to scroll down and up the text (it scrolls up and down the whole modal). It should be resized to see and review what an evaluator writes + it should enable scroll up and down.


under review

Integrate with eskill assessment platform: https://www.eskill.com/

Evaluation field needs two clicks to expand

under review

On Safari, but pretty sure also affects other browsers.

Toggle off/on toasts notifications

under review

Ability to toggle on/off toast notifications as they can sometimes get in the way on smaller screens.

Gusto integration

under review



LinkedIn Limited Listings


Limited Listings is the name of LinkedIn's program to post jobs "for free" at company level.



Integrate with Jacando HRIS, allowing to send Recruitee applicant details to Jacando to create an employee record in Jacando.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs


When publishing a premium campaign through Recruitee to Indeed, make this job visible in the Indeed account as well, so that the analytics can be used. At the moment, the campaign will not be visible in the Indeed account.

Reply to a note UX issue


Currently you can't tell the difference between a reply to a note and a reply to a reply-to-a-note. The set-up of the chronological order of notes is not clear to customers because you can't see which note is a reply and which note is a reply to a reply in a note.



Integration of Online Assessment Tool http://DevSkiller.com to send tests to candidates within Recuitee candidate detail page. The candidate detail page should also display status and results of candidate.

In progress

Tasks - choose overview

in progress

Customer can 'sort by' > due date. It would be great if he could save this overview so he doesn't have to select this manually every day.

Add triggers for tasks in Zapier

in progress

Recruitee isn't good for managing the tasks (priorities, scheduled items, subtasks, etc.) so it would be good to add a trigger to Zapier for tasks being added or completed. The data that should be passed would include the candidate's ID (or null), assignee(s) IDs and emails (most tools use this as unique identifiers) + task payload (title, notes). This would allow integrating with task managers that the team uses – ex. Trello, ClickUp, Asana, etc.

Microsoft Teams - For the person who has integrated their account with MS to not receive event notifications they are not in themselves

in progress

This customer is receiving notifications of events he is not in just because he integrated his Teams account with Recruitee

Optimize integration DocuSign

in progress

Allow signing contracts with DocuSign while using sms-verification

Referral Portal improvements

in progress

Features improvements to make inviting employees much easier, to increase the scope of customization into the referring process, to help in rewards and referrals management, but also usability improvements in the experience of referring candidates and changes in the Referral Portal navigation so users can easier check referrals status.

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