How integrations can help you hire better

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December 6, 2022
April 5, 2023
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What are integrations and how they can help you hire better
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We’ve all been there. It’s impossible to find a solution for your specific business needs that has it all.  

Even if your existing business solution is flexible enough to meet different requirements — and works great on its own — it simply can’t provide the tools to fill every need. That’s especially true as your business grows.

Integrations exist to help you bridge the gap. This article will cover everything you need to know about integrations, including how they can add more functionality to your ATS (applicant tracking system).

What are integrations?

To better understand integrations and how they can help you manage your business smoothly, we have to start with a definition. 

Integrations are connections between different business solutions and systems, allowing them to interact with each other and share information. 

What is an API, and what does it have to do with integrations?

Integrations are usually built on APIs (short for application programming interface). 

By building integrations on APIs, according to HubSpot, you can connect your integrations to your software and use them in tandem with one another. “The integration allows for the flow of information to and from apps and devices in real-time — APIs allow them to talk to one another.” 

An API brings different systems together so that they work as one.

Why are integrations important?

As your business grows, so does the need for new software. Integrations allow you to enhance the system you’re already using with extra features or functionality.

They help you build a technology stack (or tech stack), bringing together the tools and apps you need to manage your day-to-day operations and hit your business goals. 

Integrations act as a bridge. Thanks to that, everything happens in one place.

How can integrations boost your ATS functionality?

Adding integrations to your ATS can help create a smoother hiring and onboarding process for everyone involved.

A good ATS solution allows you to integrate other HR or business solutions to set up, manage, and track your recruitment from a single place. 

At Recruitee, we offer over 120 integrations in 14 categories, from candidate assessments and background checks to talent sourcing and video interviews.

Check out our marketplace to see all the integrations you can connect with Recruitee. We’re continuously adding more partners based on customer feedback. All so you can build a robust tech stack and get even more out of Recruitee.

Below are the most popular integration categories according to our customers:

How to use Recruitee’s API?

Since integrations are a crucial part of any hiring tech stack, we put a lot of effort into making our customers’ work as easy as possible.

Some of the integrations listed in our marketplace are “third-party integrations.” It means that Recruitee didn’t build these integrations, but third parties are encouraged to do so using Recruitee API.

Some integrations in the following categories are not accessible without an API token:

An API token, also known as an access token, works like a password.

To integrate any available third-party solution with Recruitee, you can go to Settings > Apps and plugins > Personal API tokens to find your Recruitee Company ID and Subdomain. Then click ‘+ New token’ in the top right corner to generate a personal API token.

How to generate API token

You can explore our API documentation in this article. Too much tech talk? Sometimes a certain level of tech knowledge is required. But rest assured, it is super simple and fun! To get started with our ATS API, follow these steps.

Check out our dedicated help articles for each integration in the Recruitee help center.


Now you’re all set to explore the world of API access and integrations! There are many gems to discover in our marketplace — we hope these integrations will help you greatly in your work.

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