Collaborative hiring with Teamleader

published on:
August 30, 2021
September 29, 2021
Last updated:
January 17, 2023
Sim Samra
Collaborative hiring with Teamleader
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In recent years, we’ve seen many companies changing the way they decide on which candidates to move further down the pipeline. Instead of leaving the responsibility solely to a hiring manager, companies are now involving key team members in the process to hire collaboratively.

Having the right recruitment tools to support collaboration is making it easier for teams to participate in this new way of hiring, as work management software provider Teamleader discovered.

With over 150 employees based in Ghent, Paris, Amsterdam, and Lisbon, Teamleader turned to Recruitee to improve its internal communication between key hiring stakeholders and to streamline its recruitment processes. While using the platform, it found that its team-based hiring took off.

Coordinating collaborative hiring

Femke De Vleeschouwer, HR Business Partner at Teamleader said: “On our former ATS, we only had 10 active users. With Recruitee, we have over 50 active users.”

“Coordinating team-based hiring has been much easier because all stakeholders can track relevant candidate pipelines, view all CVs in one place, and exchange notes on what they think of each candidate.”

“Having this set up in place has really helped improve internal communications across all stages of our hiring process.”

Building a culture of feedback

Teamleader was also able to improve their engagement with candidates by sending out automated emails to candidates who progressed in the pipeline, and feedback to those who didn’t.

Lyn Bleyen, Recruiter at Teamleader, added: “We know how important it is for candidates to get a response from us as quickly as possible, so by having a centralized system where we can keep notes on each candidate, and send out automated emails accordingly, we’ve been able to improve our engagement with candidates. I often use the evaluation forms and the thumbs up/down feature to give back my input when I can.”

“We also understand the importance of feedback, especially for those candidates who have moved further down the pipeline but fell short of an offer from us, so by looking back at our collective notes, we’re able to give candidates much more specific feedback,” added De Vleeschouwer.

Reducing time to hire

Since its collaborative hiring efforts took off the ground, Teamleader has reduced its time to hire from 40 days to 27 days.

“The reporting dashboard is a great feature and is really interesting because it tells us what’s working and what isn’t. Time to hire was a metric that we really wanted to measure, and found pleasant results with since switching to Recruitee.”

The future

Looking ahead, Teamleader is continuing on its path to encourage and maintain a good collaborative culture across its offices. It’s also on course to reach its ambitious ARR milestone this year.

“We’ve seen our hiring process really bring people together, enhance communication and remote work relationships. We’d like to keep this going as we move forward with our hiring and business plans this year.”

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