Use advanced data analytics to optimize every stage
of your recruitment process and predict hiring success.
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Using data and the power of AI to optimize your recruitment process can reduce hiring costs by 70% and time to hire by 30%

Track the most important data

Join the future of data-driven recruitment with the most advanced analytics and reporting features in the industry.

Job success

See the most important data for your different job pipelines and make continuous improvements.

Candidate conversions

Monitor your candidate conversion rates and determine how to maximize your hiring success.

Team performance

Track your team’s activities and assess their hiring success for different jobs.

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Start reporting on your jobs

Get an overview of your team's performance with advanced reports for all your jobs.

Job overview

Get an overview report to see your progress for a specific job.

Candidate pipeline

Gain oversight into how candidates are progressing through your jobs’ hiring pipeline.

Events & activities

Clearly view your team’s events and activities and see how they are performing on a specific job.

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Find the best job boards with AI

Leverage the power of data and AI to find the best performing job boards for your vacancies.

AI job board recommendations

Find the best places to advertise your jobs with our AI job board recommendation engine.

Worldwide job boards

Get AI-driven recommendations for over 400 job boards worldwide, as well as social media campaigns and various paid channels.

Easy posting

Once you have found the perfect job boards, place your order in just one click.

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About the product

Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform, designed to help you Attract
the best talent, Automate manual tasks, and Predict hiring success.