Valuebeat (formerly Platypus)

Obtenez des informations importantes sur votre culture d'entreprise grâce aux analyses basées sur les données.

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Valuebeat (formerly Platypus)
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What is Valuebeat?

Platypus is a 3-in-1 culture operations platform, providing systematic data to help you to qualify decisions on hiring and managing your culture. Valuebeat helps you save time and reduce spend by hiring people that align with your company. By understanding what really matters to your current and future employees, you can build happy, strong and high-performing teams.

Ways to use Valuebeat

Using the Valuebeat and Recruitee integration, you can set up unbiased culture assessments to identify what your candidates value and how aligned they are with the team that you’re hiring for. You’re able to invite candidates to complete their Valuebeat Print (their cultural footprint) directly from the Recruitee dashboard. You can then review the results from a candidate’s print on their profile, where it will display their top three values and alignment rating. This integration allows you to save time and reduce the risk of mis-hiring.

Recruitee + Valuebeat =

- Evaluate candidates effectively by measuring cultural alignment and identifying their top 3 values.
- Improve candidate experience by tailoring interviews around what drives the candidate.
- Hire better and faster with unbiased culture assessments.
- Boost your sourcing and expand your reach to find the best-aligned talent.

En savoir plus et obtenir de l'aide

To learn more about using Valuebeat and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

Valuebeat (formerly Platypus)
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