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Assessing candidate skills through personalised practical test cases in pre-selection.

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People In
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What is People In?

People In is an innovative recruitment tool that helps you pre-select candidates based on concrete results from an online test. This test assesses key skills for the position and takes the form of a practical online case study which replaces sending a CV. These online tests can take different forms such as an audio or video recording, an MCQ, an email box, or any type of scenario. Our pre-selection tool makes it possible to select relevant candidates by prioritising skills and favouring the diversity of profiles.

Ways to use People In

Making your candidate profile evaluations more objective through a pre-selection skill test. You can apply pre-selection as a standard for all candidates, and enhance your selection with advanced test in the next round.
Recruitee + People In =

- Less manual work (automatically assesses the candidate's key skills)

- Effectively improve candidate quality and save time during interviews

- Focus on the diversity of candidates effortlessly, since the skills are revealed before the rest

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To learn more about using People In and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

People In
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