Export all Reports (Jobs and Candidates)


With most of the Reports, is it possible to get a csv export of the data. It would be great to have the ability to export all the Reports and overviews.

Unbiased hiring


The ability to hide information (name, picture, gender, and age) when candidates first enter the pipeline and limit the visibility of evaluation forms.

Google for Jobs improvements


Additional fields to improve job ads visibility in Google for Jobs, such as base salary & street added to location.

In progress

Landscape mode for tablets

in progress

The ability to switch between portrait and landscape orientation when using a tablet.

Referral Portal improvements

in progress

Features improvements to make inviting employees much easier, to increase the scope of customization into the referring process, to help in rewards and referrals management, but also usability improvements in the experience of referring candidates and changes in the Referral Portal navigation so users can easier check referrals status.

Careers sites 2.0

in progress

A brand-new careers site builder with more flexibility than before over how you can build and brand your careers site.

Formatting in notes

in progress

Add text formatting options (Bold, bullet points, etc.) in team notes and allow notes to be saved automatically.

Adjust SEO settings per job in job editor (not careers site)

in progress

Allow users to adjust SEO settings per job directly in job editor. Currently this can be done only in Careers site editor, which is confusing.

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