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See the most important data for your different job pipelines so you can derive the best learnings and make continuous improvements.

See how many views each Job gets, through which channels they arrived, and how well your Careers Site is converting visitors to applicants.

Find out how quickly your team is moving candidates to the next stage and where you can improve the speed of your hiring process.

See the most important data for your various candidates and use it to determine where your applicants come from, how long it took to hire them and what their conversion rate was.

Uncover bottlenecks in each Job’s pipeline, at which stages candidates drop out the most, and where you can optimize.

Discover where your best candidates come from so that you can use data to get the most out of your budget.

See the most important data for your team members and determine how their activities, roles and tasks relate to hiring success.

Get an overview of all team activities and find out what your team is spending the most effort on.

Find out who’s delivering the most candidates and the progress of those candidates in all pipelines.

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