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Qu'est-ce que Bryq ?

Bryq is an award-winning talent intelligence solution that will transform the way you recruit and manage talent. By using objective data and trusted psychology, Bryq helps you make the best possible talent management decisions.

Comment utiliser Bryq ?

Bryq enables you to:

• Prioritize top candidates without overlooking hidden talents
• Match talent to roles based on fit while clearly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate
• Significantly reduce bias within both the hiring process and employee lifecycle
• 5x faster hiring
• Screen a high-volume of candidates without scanning resumes
• Minimize costs associated with wrong hires and employee turnover while reducing churn
• Increase employee engagement and satisfaction through proper training and hiring based on job fit
• Conduct more effective interviews
• Create a standardized screening process across offices and teams

Recruitee + Bryq =

Use Bryq and Recruitee together to eliminate bias within the hiring process, promote internal mobility through career pathing, and grow and cultivate your company culture.

En savoir plus et obtenir de l'aide

To learn more about using Bryq and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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