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What is Cruit?

*Available languages: English & Dutch*

Cruit is a job referral app that turns employees and communities into the #1 source of applicants. Cruit will centralize, optimize, and expand your referral programs due to super high mobile-only engagement - with a significant decrease in cost-per-hire as a result.

Cruit empowers companies to tap into the power of their employees' networks, enabling them to access high-quality candidates who align with their culture and goals. Combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive user interfaces, Cruit streamlines the referral process and provides comprehensive tools for managing and tracking referrals.

Ways to use Cruit

With the Cruit app, people can share jobs, track their referrals, and earn amazing rewards. Cruit's platform enables companies to leverage the power of their employees' networks to find the best candidates out there. Benefits:

- High engagement, as employees can track their referrals and earn rewards, not only after a hire, but also per interview stage.

- Gamification through Leaderboards and Challenges.

- Fully customizable built-in Store, filled with items delivered by Cruit and/or supplemented with your own Company Products. Options are; Cash Rewards, Gift Cards, Charity Donations, Products, Experiences and more.

- The Cruit app, job posts and the apply page are fully branded to your company.

- Self Apply feature. Increasing the visibility of your jobs, also for your own employees.

- Insights & Analytics through HR Dashboard.

Recruitee + Cruit =

We integrate seamlessly with Recruitee:

- Never work in double dashboards: manage your referral candidates in Recruitee using your existing workflows.
- Always show the up-to-date version of your job posts to your employees, by automatically synchronizing with Recruitee.
- Reward referrers per Recruitee interview stage thanks to a direct real-time synchronization.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Cruit and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

Available languages: English and Dutch
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