Attract candidates with FunnelBridge WhatsApp Bot - seamlessly integrated into your application process.

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This integration is available in our Lead and Scale plans
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What is FunnelBridge?

FunnelBridge specializes in customized recruiting solutions. As an experienced company in human resources, it focuses on making your recruitment processes more efficient and targeted. With FunnelBridge, you have the opportunity to enable your candidates to apply via WhatsApp. A medium they know well and use daily, supported by artificial intelligence. The integrated bot is based on ChatGPT 4 Turbo and will maximize your conversion rate to new dimensions.

Ways to use FunnelBridge

FunnelBridge is a solution specifically designed for Recruitee. It believes that Recruitee is the best platform to define recruitment processes for your organization. That's why FunnelBridge has no additional web interface. All settings for the bot are automatically taken from Recruitee. This enables not only a seamless but also a particularly quick and easy implementation process.
Recruitee + FunnelBridge =

- "WhatsApp" button and QR code for every job
- Higher conversion through an AI-guided application process for your candidates
- Applications that have not been completed can also be viewed retrospectively (GDPR compliant)
- Automatically sync chat history and send candidate data to Recruitee

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using FunnelBridge and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

Available languages: English and Dutch
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