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What is Harver?

Harver transforms the way volume hiring is done. We built Harver from the ground up to help large organizations with the exact challenges they face when hiring at scale. Our solution automates and streamlines the recruitment process from “Apply” to “Hired”, turning recruitment data into actionable insights and offering candidates an experience that’s fun, engaging, and free from bias. And as a result, candidates have more control over their application and benefit from a more informative process, while recruiters can make data-driven hiring decisions at scale.

Ways to use Harver

Via seamless integration, recruiters can invite candidates to complete the Harver experience directly from Recruitee. The candidate's stage, score, and detailed results will automatically push back to Recruitee, creating efficiencies for the hiring team.

Recruitee + Harver =

- Impress every candidate: deliver a mobile-optimized and fully-branded experience, including the ability to showcase the role, team, and/or company culture through tailored videos.
- Strengthen recruitment efficiency: simultaneously reduce time-to-hire and save recruiters' time by leveraging customizable automation rules that progress candidates through the funnel without a need for manual intervention.
- Improve new hire performance and retention: replace human bias and capture all the insights you need for split‐second decision-making at scale with our proprietary two‐way matching technology and predictive assessments.

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