Bring your recruiting to the next level with HeyJobs’ automated performance marketing that optimizes application flows for your open positions.

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What is HeyJobs?

HeyJobs is an HR tech company whose recruiting solution supports over 1200 companies, both small and large, to generate qualified candidates, with the help of modern technology. HeyJobs is particularly effective in filling non-academic positions. Using performance marketing, a company's job advertisement is pushed to both active and passive candidates on more than 50 channels and 1000 pages.

The self-learning HeyJobs algorithm automatically distributes the marketing budget to the pages and channels that generate the most qualified candidates and is adjusted on a daily basis. Candidates can apply online via desktop or mobile phone. With the help of customizable selection questions, HR managers can determine necessary qualifications in advance. Applications from qualified candidates can be viewed in the HeyJobs Recruiter Portal, by email, or, if necessary, in your own ATS.

Ways to use HeyJobs

Send your open positions from Recruitee to HeyJobs and benefit from automated performance marketing to receive more and better candidates. Combine the optimized application flow of HeyJobs with the ease of use of Recruitee and work with your applications directly in your ATS.

Recruitee + HeyJobs

- Increased ease of use - Open positions are directly imported to HeyJobs
- Reduced manual work - Candidates are directly created in Recruitee and do not have to be entered manually

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using HeyJobs and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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