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What is hokify?

hokify is a mobile job platform that supports companies in recruiting candidates in the non-academic job market faster and easier with innovative mobile and social media recruiting solutions. “Putting good people into good jobs” is the vision of hokify and they support 45,000 companies to connect with more than 750,000 monthly active candidates (as of 04/2021) in Austria and Germany. The key differentiators of hokify are a perfectly optimized mobile candidate experience and a social media targeting algorithm to precisely target candidates via social media performance marketing campaigns on channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Ways to use hokify

Publish your job ads on Recruitee and reach your desired candidates on the hokify mobile job platform. Based on hokify’s social media targeting algorithm and mobile performance recruiting, you´re able to reach active and passive candidates. Furthermore, hokify supports its customers with social media performance recruiting, social media job ads, remarketing campaigns and strategies, transparent reporting and cost per application models, mobile chat applications, employer branding profiles, and active sourcing technology.

Recruitee + hokify =

- Recruitee is perfectly integrated with hokify - more than 750,000 monthly job seekers can seamlessly apply for jobs posted through Recruitee using their hokify profile.
- Incoming applications can be viewed and managed as usual in Recruitee.
- The cooperation enables communication with candidates via push notifications without changing the recruiting process. Through state-of-the-art technology, Recruitee messages are delivered directly to the hokify chat.
- While using Recruitee for job publishing, those jobs can benefit from hokify’s reach which includes multiple meta job search engines and individually set up social media campaigns for hard-to-fill vacancies.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using hokify and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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