Isograd Testing Services

Turnkey assessment solution for recruitment and training (off-the-shelf or custom-made).

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What is Isograd Testing Services?

*Available languages: English & French*

For over a decade, Isograd has been developing skills assessments and certifications. Isograd has two brands, Tosa and Isograd Testing Services. We are here to help you make the right choices with the right data. To recruit the best profiles, manage team performance, and put skills at the center of your strategy with Isograd Testing Services.

Ways to use Isograd Testing Services

Our online solution enables applicants to test from anywhere and anytime in a recruitment or training process. We offer office, digital, and programming skills tests based on an adaptive method. The online assessments include live in-application, coding exercises, and multiple-choice questions. Candidate results are instantly displayed in detailed skills reports with access to the corrected answers.

Recruitee + Isograd Testing Services =

- Enhance your employer brand
- Gain in efficiency and time with a complete tool
- Keep all your candidate data centralized

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Isograd Testing Services
Available languages: English and Dutch
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