Easily set your new hires up with the right payroll and processes through Nmbrs.

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What is Nmbrs?

Nmbrs is an Amsterdam based HR- and payroll software supplier for the Dutch and Swedish markets. They emphasize the role of HR in the development of their HR and payroll software because they are convinced that employees deserve the best possible HR service. By involving all key users—including the employee—in the process, they allow optimal HR service with minimal effort. Together with this focus, efficiency, automation, user-friendliness, and innovation form the basis of their software. With a lively team, they use this vision to continue their mission to develop the best online HR and payroll software.

Ways to use Nmbrs

Getting your new hires set-up with the most crucial processes is important for a great first employee experience. Nmbrs acts as a strategic partner during your daily HR tasks, helping you utilize your expertise. With Recruitee and Nmbrs, you can focus less on your manual tasks and more on your candidate and employee experiences.

Recruitee + Nmbrs =

- Reduced manual work: No need to enter the same information twice.
- Seamless experience: Streamline your process by sending crucial information at the click of a button, reducing friction for you and your new hire.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Nmbrs and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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