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What is Talk’n’Job?

*Available languages: English & German*

Talk’n’Job is a voice-guided chat application via mobile devices specifically for recruiting blue-collar and young professionals (e.g., sales, logistics, care, craft, production).It lowers application barriers and simplifies the hiring process — a win-win for both candidates and recruiters.The direct benefit of Talk’n’Job is that it cost-effectively generates up to 40% more applicants and transfers structured profiles into the internal application process.

Ways to use Talk’n’Job

Talk’n’Job can be integrated into any media and used as an alternative recruiting channel.Placed as a QR code on job ads, posters, and flyers or as a link on social media and careers sites, companies can reach more candidates via the chat application. With the Recruitee integration, you can automatically create links to Talk’n’Job voice chat applications. When candidates apply via the chat, you’ll receive the data in Recruitee — along with a PDF attachment of their answers.

Recruitee + Talk’n’Job  =

- Simple one-time integration
- Less manual work (automatic synchronization of candidates)

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Talk’n’Job and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

Available languages: English and Dutch
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To learn more about using
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