Save time in the hiring process with TestDome’s pre-employment skills tests, sent directly from Recruitee.

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What is TestDome?

TestDome is a pre-employment skill testing service, providing you with a way to measure skills effectively with work-sample online tests and only interview the best candidates based on performance. Choose from a wide selection of predefined tests for various positions, or create your own custom test.

Ways to use TestDome

TestDome and Recruitee are bringing you a simple way to test candidates’ on-the-job skills directly within your Recruitee platform. Send your online pre-employment skills tests to candidates directly within their candidate profile. Once candidates have completed the skills test, you can view their scores within the profile. Save time and improve your hiring process with this integration.

Recruitee + TestDome =
- Easy integration: Integrate your TestDome account directly within your Recruitee platform in minutes.
- Single workspace: Send work-sample tests to candidates within the Recruitee candidate profile.
- Reduced hiring time: Only move the best candidates forward in your Recruitee pipeline based on results from work-sample tests from candidates.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using TestDome and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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To learn more about using
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